Edinburgh-Conductor and Cornets Required

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by centralband, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. centralband

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    This is a civilian military band based in Edinburgh.
    Last advert had 134 looks and no replies.
    We enjoy our music, and you would too if you fancy something different.
    Looking for some cornets and a conductor would be nice.
    Any enquiries are in the strictest of confidence of course.
    Email is centralbandrbls@hotmail.com
    The band mobile is 07949 589 796

    Our website is:


    You can see what we get upto on there.

    Better luck this time.

  2. GordonH

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    The problem you are going to have is that there are not many brass players in Edinburgh, very few of the brass band players are unattached, and any that are interested in switching are mostly in the process of being signed by a band in time for the Scottish Championships.

    There just isn't a hidden store of players round here - unfortunately.
  3. FlugelD

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    Can you send me their phone numbers please, Gordon? :rolleyes:
  4. GordonH

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    For a small fee Derek :)

    Actually one option for that band is to try and poach from the wind bands and orchestras in the city. Although the orchestras are all short of brass players.

    I wonder if part of this dearth of brass players is because of the dominance of the fee paying schools in Edinburgh. They don't teach much brass and when they do its all orchestral (judging by the instruments being carried by all the kids round here - I live next to George Watsons). I bet most of those kids give up when they leave school. If they played brass band instruments and got into a band at 16/17 they would be more likely to keep playing.