Edinburgh Brass and North London Brass in new Band Twinning initiative

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  1. Edinburgh Brass Band and North London Brass Network are celebrating a new Band Twinning initiative with a joint concert on Saturday 18 April 2015, 7.30pm at St John's Episcopal Church, Princes Street in Edinburgh city centre.

    Our two bands are 'connected', virtually door to door, by the East Coast rail service and a number of our members have family and roots in the corresponding cities and areas.

    Both our bands rehearse and perform in historic venues at the heart of our respective capital cities, we are focused on grassroots brass banding and encouraging people of all ages, experience and backgrounds to get into, or to get back to, making music together. There are plenty of similarities and common ground.

    When working, holidaying or visiting family in either location, our band members are being encouraged to drop into their twin band's rehearsal. And, who knows, perhaps in time we'll find some gigs and events to play together 'halfway' between our two cities.

    We'd be interested in hearing from other bands that have set up similar projects so that we can learn from your experience, identify future opportunities and explore more ideas for joint working.

    There's an article on 4Bars Rest, here: http://www.4barsrest.com/news/detai...=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook#.VS5IBMbBLwx

    And you can read about our bands on our websites here: