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  1. Hsop

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    Hi All

    I have been looking at potentially buying a new Bb cornet. In particular the eclipse looks an interesting model and has had a look of positive comments made in favour of it.

    It seems to have various similarities to another maker called Carol brass. The valve block and trigger assemblies in particular. Also both makers use stainless steel valves, same bore size (.465") and same bell flare size (4 + 3/4").

    Are these companies connected to each other in some form or is it just coincidence?

    Many thanks
  2. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    Eclipse uses Hoxxon valveblocks and trigger assemblies (Hoxxon is the parent company of Carol).

    Those Hoxxon valves are used by several world-class makers - as well as Eclipse you have Taylor and Harrelson, plus others like Warburton...
    They're real, real top quality valves (these guys wouldn't use them if they weren't), I personally prefer them to anything else out there.

    The triggers are superb, too - balljointed so they're miles smoother in operation than most others.

    The valves and triggers are where the shared parts and between the Carol and Eclipse, though.... The leadpipe (the most critical component where intonation is concerned) is very different, the bell is different and ofcourse the people assembling the final product are different (which also makes a huge difference).

    Now granted, I'm quite biased (having been part of the development group for the sop cornet, which is the equal of anything else out there and comfortably better than most) but there's no Bb cornet I'd swap my Eclipse for - it's just astonishing.... Plus free servicing for life is a real bonus :)

    I can't recommend trying it highly enough!

    (If you're near me you're welcome to play mine)
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  3. Jack E

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  4. Tom-King

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    I quite agree - they're superb to use, I'd happily buy the chap that thought to apply balljoints there a pint, they're so nice to use.

    There are other triggers you can get that use a similar setup and they're damned nice too.

    Its a bonus, I love how those cornets play regardless... But it's definitely a bonus.

    Like the valve block, if they weren't superb quality then Leigh wouldn't choose to use them - he's a fussy chap when it comes to detail and it shows.

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    I'm not a cornet or trumpet player but I have friends who are Eclipse artists and they all swear by Leigh's work at Eclipse.
  6. mjwarman

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    I've recently acquired an Eclipse Bb Trumpet and Bb Cornet and am incredibly happy with them. They were second hand, but made to the same specs I would have asked for (apart from finish, but that might change soon). They play beautifully in tune across the range and the valves are slick and smooth.

    I need to call Leigh and ask about this free servicing for life, but assume that is the life of the owner rather than the instrument?
  7. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    It's usually for as long as the original owner has it, but you never know with Leigh - if he decides he particularly liked you he'll often go way above what you'd expect

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