Ebbw Vale

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    Best instrumentalist: Euph Pontarddulais
    Best horn: Tylorstown
    Third: Tylorstown
    Second: Cardiff
    First: Burryport

    First section
    Best instrumentalist: solo cornet RAF ST Athan
    Best sop: Blaenavon
    Third: Lewis Merthyr
    Second: RAF St Athan
    First: Llwydcoed

    Second section
    Best instrumentalist: Horn for Goodwick
    Third: Crwbin
    Second: Parc & Dare
    First: Goodwick

    Third Section
    Best instrumentalist: Flugel, Mid Rhondda
    Best euphonium: John Ayres, Severn Tunnel
    Third: Ogmore
    Second: Mid Rhondda
    First: Upper Rhondda

    Fourth section
    Best instrumentalist: Nanette Jones, Ebbw Valley Brass
    Third: Newport
    Second: Usk
    First: Ebbw Valley Brass

    Best instrumentalist: Euph of Blaenavon
    Best Perc: Cardiff M3
    Cardiff M3 - Gold
    Cardiff M4 - Silver
    Cwmtawe Youth - Gold
    BTM - Gold
    Blaenavon - Silver
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    I did put it in on the comments box on the website the other day, but Penclawdd played Downie's Music for the Common Man.
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    Thanks - sorted.