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  1. jimmythesaint

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    Probably a bit late on now, and I should stop being impatient and wait til Saturday... but anybody know who's going to the Ebbw Vale contest in the 1st section?
    Jackfield (we!) are, if people do reply remember NOT to say what piece you're playing!!!!
    hope to see people there!
  2. Thegroupies

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    All very quiet this year on the Ebbw Vale front, usually get a rumble by now as to who's playing for who, who borrowing who, who going and who's not!!!

    But not a word!

    I do know champ section Parc and dare, Abergavenny Borough are going
    1st section Rogerstone.

    There must be more

    Also looked on 4 Bars Rest but nothing.
  3. Deano

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    apparently there are 36 bands competing.

    the one's that I know of are as follows:

    Burry Port
    Parc & Dare


    Lewis Merthyr
    Severn Tunnel
    Briton Ferry
    Blaenavon town


    Blaenavon concert
    Ebbw Vale

    Mid Rhondda
  4. JessopSmythe

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    The usual impressive turnout then:rolleyes:

    Certain big names conspicuous by their absence.

    It is nice to see some bands travelling into the area though. Maybe they can help breathe some new life back into it.

    "Croeso yn Gymru" and good luck to all the Jackfield crew (and look after our bandroom tonight;) )
  5. Thegroupies

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    Hope someones informed tesco cafe, theres 36 bands!!!!

    Could be a long day.
  6. angie

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    Mid Rhondda not going unfortunately, not enough arses on seats
  7. tinytimp

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    It seems that it's just not worth bothering for the big bands - not financially viable or something! But hey, at least it gives the rest of us a chance, even if the prize money only just covers the bus there!

    Ammanford are playing in Champ section too I think.

    Pity Mid Rhondda aren't going angie, would be a chance to show off your great solo playing and that Blackpool was just an off day for the band!
  8. MAW

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    results anyone
    so far

    4th section

    1st Blaenavon Concert
    2nd Ebbw Vale
    3rd Upper Rhonda

    solo prize - Ebbw Vale

    3rd Section

    1st Pontypool
    2nd ?
    3rd Newport

    solo prize - soprano player for Pontypool
  9. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    2nd Section -
    1 Lewis Merthyr

    1st Section -
    1 Newbridge
    2 Markham

    Champ -
    1 Tredegar
    2 Burry Port
    3 Tongwynlais
  10. angie

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    Hey Sarah!(take it that's you can't think of any other tiny timp players in Bury Port...)
    Mid Rhondda seem to be having an off year it would seem...ever since I took over on the end!Shame we weren't there though.
    Any more results yet? All I know is Ammanford
  11. JayneSop

    JayneSop Member


    You got the forth section wrong. 3rd and 2nd are as you said but Glyneath Silver came first. And well done to the Glyneath players who worked very hard for the contest.
  12. MAW

    MAW Member


    Sincere apologies to Glynneath.

    well done Glynneath.
  13. JessopSmythe

    JessopSmythe Active Member

    Full Results from 4BR - Write up Here

    Championship Section:

    1. Tredegar (Michael Fowles) - 193
    2. Burry Port Town (Michael Thorne) - 191
    3. Tongwynlais (Gareth Pritchard) - 190
    4. Parc and Dare (Craig Roberts) - 187
    5. Abergavenny Borough (Alun F. Williams) - 185
    6. Ammanford Town (Colin Hogg) - 184
    7. Treherbert and District (Graham Sheppard) - 183

    Best Instrumentalist: Euphonium (Ceri John) Burry Port Town
    Best Horn player: Solo Horn (Byron Tucker) Tongwynlais

    First Section:

    1. Newbridge/Celynen (Paul Holland) - 190
    2. Markham and District (Nigel Seaman) - 189
    3. RAF St Athan Vol. (Alan R. Bourne) - 188
    4. Tylorstown (Arriva Trains Wales) (Kerry Bowden) - 186
    5. Penclawdd Brass (D. A. Small) - 183
    6. Pontardulais Town (Andrew Jones) - 181
    7. Rogerstone (Ceri Thomas) - 179
    8. Jackfield (Elcock Reisen) (Chris Lewis) - 178
    9. Swindon Pegasus (John Winterflood) - 177

    Best Instrumentalist: Principal Cornet (Andrew Smith) Newbridge/Celynen

    Second Section:

    1. Lewis Merthyr (Lyndon Price) - 185
    2. Gwaun Cae Gurwen (Glyn Rhys Davies) - 184
    3. Briton Ferry (Dr. Christian Jenkins) - 182
    4. Blaenavon Town (Malcolm Jones) - 181
    5. Ynyshir Welfare (Dean Evans) - 179
    6. Severn Tunnel (Stewart Crawford) - 178
    7. Ogmore Valley (Ivor Barnett) - 177

    Best Instrumentalist: Flugel Horn (Simon Jones) Lewis Merthyr

    Third Section:

    1. Pontypool Brass (Jon Pippen) - 184
    2. Oakdale (Ron Probyn) - 182
    3. Newport Borough (M. D. Davies) - 181
    4. Llwydcoed (Alan Davies) - 180
    5. Seindorf Crwbin (Julian Jones) - 178

    Best Instrumentalist: Soprano (Rachel Harris) Pontypool Brass

    Fourth Section:

    1. Glynneath (Jayne Thomas) - 183
    2. Ebbw Vale Town (W. J. Cross) - 182
    3. Upper Rhondda (C. Brian Buckley) - 180
    4. Blaenavon Concert (Andrew Hicks) - 179

    Best Instrumentalist: Euphonium - Ebbw Vale Town

    Junior Section:

    Gold Award: Tongwynlais (Gareth Ritter)
    Gold Award: Mid Rhondda (Carol Flanary Davies)
    Silver Award: Blaenavon Town (Evan Smith)

    David Read (Championship + 1st Section)
    Lloyd Landry (2nd + 3rd Sections)
    John Winterflood (4th + Junior Sections)
  14. Hornblower RN

    Hornblower RN Member

    .........and well done to you Jayne on your first outing as a conductor
  15. tubaturk

    tubaturk Member

    Da iawn indeed Jayne - Ceri must've been relieved that we didn't win as well - he didn't fancy having to widen the door for your head!
  16. JayneSop

    JayneSop Member

    And I thought you were my friend!!!!

    How can you say that about me!!! lol

    Anyway, did I miss any interesting scandal Saturday?
  17. tubaturk

    tubaturk Member

    Nothing to rival last weekend as far as I can tell - it would seem as though they only pull when we're winning!
  18. Thegroupies

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    Half a story is no good!! where's the rest, who pulled what, where, whom & how?? or would that be telling.

    I'd like to know what happened on the Abergavenny bus on the way back from western. i hear they have plenty of new young talent (musically speaking of course) in the band
  19. Now that would be telling!!
  20. welshraz

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    Congrats to Pontypool on our victory on Saturday. Just a shame about the 6th place yesterday!! Never mind though, winning on Saturday made my birthday!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: