EBBC streaming to be presented by Simone Rebello

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  1. Around 12 hours of coverage will be streamed by British Bandsman and Yamaha Neo from the European Brass Band Championships this weekend. We didn't want to just point a camera at the stage and hope for the best! BB and Yamaha wanted to provide a full television package for the brass world, with multiple camera angles, high quality sound reproduction and interviews with top players, conductors and personalities. Bringing all these elements together is Simone Rebello.

    A former member of Foden's Band, Simone has travelled the world as both a solo artist and member of Backbeat, the acclaimed percussion ensemble. She has presented literally 1000's of masterclasses, lectures, concerts, workshops and is now established as part of the new generation of brass band adjudicators.

    Simone Rebello was "delighted" to accept the invitation to present this coverage and is excited about being part of this groundbreaking project.

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