EBBC - 5th Solo Competition for Brass & Percussion

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by HornPlayerMK, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Good luck playing with those Austrian 443 pianos :S
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    Qualified for final on thu 29th

    Vanhoorne Harmen - Belgium - CornetGlenn Van Looy - Belgium - Euphonium
    Marzella Katrina - England - Baritone

    - wishing all the best for Katrina in the final (... should she be listed as English though?)

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    Must just be were they live.

    Kristy is not English either and a few others are not quite right...
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    Nationality is taken from where they are living, hence Lin Chin-Cheng, the winning percussionist in Birmingham representing Belgium.
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    The Result:-

    1st - Glenn Van Looy - Belgium, Euphonium
    2nd - Katrina Marzella - England, Baritone
    3rd - Harmen Vanhoorne - Belgium, Cornet
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    Was lucky enough to watch the final. All three soloists were amazing musicians and played with style and impressive confidence.

    From a technical perspective, they were all great but I personally had Katrina in first place and Glenn in Second, as I thought she was the better performer of the two. She was also the most musical. The second movement of her concerto was absolutely beautiful.

    However, the Euphonium piece was incredibly difficult and perhaps from the back of the hall in the balcony, where the judges were sitting, it was more impressive.

    All three finalists did themselves proud.

    All three are definitely stars for the future (and present)!