Ebay -- Still time to add some new solos to your summer pad

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by cottenham_brass, May 30, 2004.

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    We've found four more pieces in our library that we no longer require and
    have put them on eBay with starting bids at only 50 pence,
    featuring two cornet solos, and a euphonium solo, as well as a piece about
    glass making!?!

    Brass Band Music - Schoen Rosmarin £0.50
    Ends 07-Jun-04 13:34:02 BST

    Brass Band Music - Liebesfreud £0.50
    Ends 07-Jun-04 13:36:21 BST

    Brass Band Music - Facets of Glass £0.50
    07-Jun-04 13:39:24 BST

    Brass Band Music - Shenandoah £0.50
    Ends 07-Jun-04 13:41:11 BST

    Happy Bidding!

    Tutti Cornet
    Cottenham Brass Band

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