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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by brassneck, Dec 10, 2006.

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    I have to get a little respite on this one. I bidded for an won an item on eBay last week. Seller accepts Paypal payments so I went ahead and paid for it as an 'instant' payment as usual... so I thought! Left it at that and looked forward to receiving my xmas present to myself! Next thing I got was an email from the seller thanking me for the bid and said he would send the item once the eCheque had cleared!! Eh? What? I didn't authorise this method and worse still, it was going to take 9 bank working days to clear.

    So I phoned Paypal customer services to voice my complaint. They said it was because my card had expired and I needed to update my details. They also said that the seller could cancel the transaction. I checked my paypal account and my PRIMARY account which uses my visa debit card and everything seemed okay but you cannot edit details. I was advised to cancel the account and set up another one which surprise, surprise ... only contained the PAN number (which was exactly the same as it uses Maestro). The seller also said he couldn't cancel the transaction. I found out that it was my SECONDARY account which is funded from my credit card that had expired. Now, why would the second account affect the primary to send out an eCheque?

    Still not chuffed, I emailed the customer service team again who said I could cancel the eCheque. I thought I would have a look at this. So I walked to my nearest ATM to get a mini-statement and found out that the money is to be taken tomorrow as a direct debit ... eh? So, here it is ... 4 days to take a direct debit from my account and maybe another 4 to transfer to the seller's account. The help files say that for uncleared funds the seller can opt to refund. Paypal say that I can cancel the eCheque (which in theory really isn't). If the money is already earmarked for debit, fat chance I have of doing that.

    Any similar stories regarding Paypal? I probably won't get my pressie until AFTER Xmas now :mad:

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