Eb Tuba & Euph for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by musicmaker, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    I am selling for a friend, so please allow me time to reply if you ask any questions!!!!

    The euph is a boosy and hawkes imperial 4 valve and in silver plate, good condition with a hard case £900

    The Eb tuba is a besson new standard, with 4 valves large bell in silver plate, good condition. no case.£1200

    also i have a reunion blues tuba gig bag, good condition £200

    I have photos of all the above, if you wish to see them please email and i will send them across.

    Lee for Tom
  2. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    I've sent you a pm Lee.
    Very interested in the tuba.
    I'm based not far from Bradford in North West Leeds so perhaps I could nip over and have look at "The Beast" if it's at WYFRS
    - Wilkie
  3. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    Me and wilky are currently planning a duel to the death over the above tuba, so as I am a complete coward is there anyone out there with an EEb tuba in the same sort of price range?
    If so please pm me or post on here as I need an instrument for after the areas when I once again will be a "free agent"
  4. musicmaker

    musicmaker Member

    The Tuba may be sold, just waiting the duel winner coming for a blow.

    I will keep you updated.

    There is still the Tuba Gig bag and the euph.

    cheers Lee
  5. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    He was agood man, played a mean bass, but just culd not shoot straight!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2008
  6. mark_scott

    mark_scott Member

    i know someone looking for that type of euph, i'll show them this post
  7. tommy79

    tommy79 New Member

    hi! im Tom ! i sold the Tuba and gig bag ! still got the euph for sale though!
  8. adamjcollins

    adamjcollins New Member

    could you send me an email with the pictures of the euphonium. I am really interested. is it still for sale.

  9. BOB

    BOB Member


    We are selling a Courtois EEb bass on Ebay - see listing 110369957527. Good Luck!
  10. on_castors

    on_castors Member

    With bank interest rates being the way they are, I only wish I had put every penny that has ever passed though my hands into E flat Tubas, as they are better than gold dust, and a lot easier to sell!

    Every time one appears there is a massive scramble to get it, and prices remain crazy! :-(

    Old BB flats are ten a penny, but any E flat under 100 years old has amazing value, and they must be the best investement to be had!

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