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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by jim sutherland, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. jim sutherland

    jim sutherland New Member

    Hi I'm looking for an Eb tenor horn player who's interested in doing something a little out of the ordinary Must be happy in unusual time sigs like 7/8 or 13/8.

    This is a European project and you will be performing with some of the finest musicians in Europe.

    The project is called before the Wolf and the band is called La Banda Europa

    This isnt a straight brass band gig this is a 35 piece European folk orchestra made up of hurdy gurdies, bombards, nyckerharpas,balkan bagpipes and more.

    The project is well funded

    Please contact me on


    all the best


    Some more information on the gig......There are two main concerts with a rehearsal period leading up to them. please see below

    Before the Wolf by La Banda Europa

    The core orchestra will consist of around 35 top musicians in their field and will include - Four Hurdy Gurdys from France,four Nyckleharpas from Sweden, Pipers and panderetas from Spain, Pipers and whistle players from Scotland, Brass players from England, and two Lambeg drummers from Ireland

    The dates for Newcastle (England) are 21st and 22nd of April with a rehearsal period from the 17th to the 20th of April.
    The dates for Falkirk (Scotland) are the 5th and 6th of May with a shorter rehearsal period to be confirmed possibly 3rd and 4th of May.

    We will pay each musician £1000 in total plus travel and accommodation. We will also feed the musicians for the length of their stay with us.

    There will also be a choir of up to two hundred people and a boy soprano (soloist) probably from Vienna but possibly Durham Cathedral choir.

    The choir will be raised locally to each performance as part of an arts outreach program connected with the event as will a drumming group of up to fifty people.

    The main performance piece will be 25 to 30 minutes long with a Grand march to end the performance.
    • The day before the main gig (21st April in Newcastle and the 5th May in Falkirk) - The performances will consist of short podium spots (dotted around the town to give local people a chance to see each different section of the orchestra performing separately) as well as a similar short podium spot on the afternoon of the gig.
    • The main gig (22nd April Newcastle and 6th May Falkirk) - will be a 25 to 30 minute performance in the late afternoon (open air) in Newcastle on the 22nd of April and an evening gig in Falkirk on the 6th 0f May.
    This is an amplified event partly promenading but mainly on a stage.

    The main reason I am looking for musicians in the Newcastle area is to save money on accomodation. If you know people you can stay with in Newcastle this will certainly help.

    al the best


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  2. Lenny_The_Shark

    Lenny_The_Shark Member

    South Wales
    If only you needed a player further south, I'd be interested. I think Newcastle is a bit far for a regular commute for me!
  3. ydna36

    ydna36 Member

    Band Europa

    Hey i would like to declare my interest in this project. I sent an email a few days ago but wasn't sure if you got it.

    My name is Andrew Oetegenn and i play 1st horn with The Fairey Band. I live in Manchester so i don't have accommodation in Newcastle but i would in Falkirk if thats any help.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Andrew Oetegenn
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