Eb Horn, Northwest/Midlands, Champ-4th

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    * Name and contact details: Rachael Johnson.
    Rachaellouisejohnson@hotmail.co.uk / Rachlojoh@aol.com

    * Instrument(s) played: Tenor Horn
    * Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Championship (first or second horn) 1st-4th (solo-second)
    * How much notice do you require: A couple of days
    * Name of your present Band: YBS
    * What section is your present Band in: Championship
    * Position within Band that you are able to play, (As above)
    * How far are you prepared to travel: Depends on transport
    * Would you require transport: During term time i require transport if job a long way outside of Manchester (can use public transport) If out of uni term time,own transport not a problem.
    * Do you require expenses: Travel expenses
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    I know its short notice but would you be available to help out Staffordshire Band tomorrow night at a concert on horn?

    Please let me know. 07879 054662 or charl_rose@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks. Charlie