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    I am lookin for a championship or first section brass band for the next 6 months or so. I will play Eb or Bb bass but would prefer Eb as that is my main instrument. I have a car for local journeys but it is not suitable for long distance driving so I would require transport to contests and concerts that are non local.


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    Hello Alex,

    I think you'll struggle to find a championship/first section band in West Cumbria apart from Barrow Shipyard Band who are top section - they may have people travelling from the Whitehaven area, but its a bit of a trek, especially down the coast road. There is a brass band in Whitehaven but I don't think they contest except at Whitehaven contest in the non-registered section. The nearest competing band to Whitehaven is probably Dearham who are 3rd section and have been doing well recently. Flimby Saxhorn Silver aren't too far away but I'm not sure what condition they are currently in - from what I understand, a few of their players have moved to Dearham recently. Carlisle St. Stephens are also 3rd section. Have a look on www.ibew.co.uk go to UK brass bands and select list by location - there are 12 bands listed for Cumbria. Even if you can't find a band at the level that you want, most of them are very friendly so you will still enjoy your playing up there.


    Andrea Egginton
    West Cumbrian living in Cheshire!
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    Eb / Bb Bass available for North West Areas


    I am living in whitehaven and am available to play for a band for the areas in the North West. I am looking for a band ideally in the first section but I have played in the championship section in the London and Southern Counties area. I require a bass but have my own transport and mouthpiece. I am a quick learner originally being dropped straight into the championship section with no previous experience when I first started in contest bands. I am currently registered with a southern band but a new registration or transfer is open to me (I have been registered with them for over 6 months).


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    ...and I thought where we were outside of London didn't have many brass bands nearby...Whitehaven!!

    Is that where you are doing an internship?

    You may want to check some of the North of England bands as they might be closer. (eg Dearham is alot closer than even Blackpool)
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    Some very useful info. Thank you. I will continue to search.

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    Threads merged!!

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