Eb bass player looking for a band in Leeds area - can you help?

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Craigblade, Jan 29, 2006.

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    A friend of mine, Natalie, is looking for a brass band in the Leeds area to join. She plays Eb bass, and I think she did once mention that she has taken Grade 8 (although don't quote me on that!). She played in the Leeds University brass band last year but is now looking to join a band outside of University. Please note that I don't believe she has a car, so the issue of transport may be a problem.

    If you think you can help though, please reply to this email, and I'll contact you regarding her details.

    thanks a lot,

    Craig Wolstenholme
    BMus (Hons), MMus (Hons), AVCM (Hons)

    South Yorkshire Police Brass Band,
    Frumptarn Guggenband,
    Barnsley Cooperative Concert Band.
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    Lofthouse Band, just on the outskirts of Leeds, are looking for an Eb bass player at the moment and if she contacts us quickly we can get her in at Bradford. Either email me or tel 07879 400 538 and I can give you all the details of rehearsals etc.

    Andy Whitaker
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    Hi, Knottingley Silver Band have a vacancy for Eb. We're a friendly progressive first section band situated in Knottingley, just off the M62. It takes around 30 minutes from Leeds. We have players who travel from the Leeds area so transport can be arranged. Please contact the secretary, Liz Stimpson, on - 07793 680781 if you fancy coming for a blow. Thanks, Liz
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    Just to big up Lofthouse a bit :tup - We have really come on as a band recently. We are a great bunch and have a great social side, a european tour planned, several experienced players in key positions, a progressive conductor and a thriving youth set up. We may only be fourth section at the mo but hopefully have a great chance in this years areas. - Craig, do you know Tim Sidwell? - he is conducting our youth bands

    Give us a go!
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    As mentioned above YBS concert have a vancancy for an Eb Bass. We can sort out instrument/lifts if necessary. If interested please PM or call 07970 821608


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    you won't go far wrong with the invitation to go to Knottingley Silver, cracking good set of guys and can play well too, worth going for a blow

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    Lofthouse Brass Band - 5 minutes from the centre of Leeds - European Tour planned for next year - possible CD recording - great set of musicians - check them out.
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    Thanks for all your replies

    Hi there,
    Sorry for not replying sooner. I'm doing a PGCE training to be a music teacher and I've been exceptionally busy these last few days!!

    I've informed Natalie Hind tonight to look at this thread so one or more of you may get a phone call from her. Just in case you want to contact her, her number is 07771855878. I think 5 bands are interested in getting her to play so it seems there must be a demand for Eb bass players at the moment!

    Spuferoo - Yes I know Tim very well! I actually have some rather drunk photos of him from when we went to Malta with the police band in October....but I didn't tell you that!!

    Thanks again for all your replies, and after July when I'm back in Sheffield (in Durham at moment) let me know if any of you ever need a trombone player to help out for odd gigs!