Eb Bass player Bandless in the North West

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by eflatbassman44time, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. eflatbassman44time

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    Hello, :D

    I am a friendly Eb Bass player is looking for a place in a friendly brass band with an even friendlier conductor. :biggrin: I am a older 4th section player with 8 years experiance on the Eb Bass. Ideally i would prefere a non contesting band within half an hour travelling time of Freckleton near Preston.:tup

    Most bands in this area seem to be in higher sections and are beyond my capabilities. :eek:

    Have Bass - Will travel ....... well within half an hour anyway !:clap:

  2. paulspud

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    Give us a try!

    Hi There,

    Old Hall Brass are looking for an Eb bass player at the moment. We are a 2nd Section band based in Roby Mill, near Wigan, under the baton of our MD John North. We do contest, but why restrict your talents and capabilities? Come down and see what we do. You never know, you make like it.......!

    If you fancye a chat about the band, give me a call on 07889 271291. Have a look at our website at www.oldhallbrass.co.uk.

    Hope to see you soon!

  3. eflatbassman44time

    eflatbassman44time New Member

    Hello Paul and thanks for the reply,

    Unfortunately the travelling time to Wigan area is about one hour from where i live and is just a bit too far to travel, also i am a 4th section player and would struggle in a second section band.

    thanks again

  4. dlls2275

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    Hiya hun

    Have sent you a pm

    Debs xx
  5. paulspud

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    HI Eb,

    Maybe a touch too far (although we are 5 mins from J27 M6, so north side of Wigan). But don't underestimate your talent, maybe theres a 2nd section player bursting to get out!

    Keep us in mind..and good luck!

  6. U tryed littlebourgh band, there a freindly local 4th section band with a good md!
  7. Bayerd

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    I would have thought the easiest thing to do in your situation is research what bands are in your catchment area, narrow it down to the 4th section ones (I bet there aren't many), and give them a call......
  8. eflatbassman44time

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    Thanks to everyone

    Hello one and all,
    Thank you for all your replies, i have now found exactly what i was looking for. a friendly 4th section band, 17 miles from me and non contesting. A special thanks for all those who took the trouble to offer places in their bands, i just wish they were a bit closed they all sound great.

    thanks again