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    Hi , my name is Scott Lloyd i am a tuba player based in Runcorn Cheshire.i am currently a brass teacher for a local authority, I have a wealth of experience being a proffessional musician in the british army for over 14 years , i have a performance deploma from all but one of the top london colleges, and have played with some of the top bands and orchestras in the country. I would love to help any bands out if i am avaliable as i dont get much time to play anymore ,but i do not wish to sign with anyone as my conducting work takes up most of my free time.

    give me a ring on 07766303727 email tubateacher@hotmail.co.uk
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    Hi Scott, Barnton Silver Band (practice at Little Leigh Village Hall on a Tuesday 8pm to 10pm), have tuba vacancies. Its about 8 miles away from Runcorn using the A556. Hope to see you
  3. Nanny Ogg

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    Although this week only we are at Barnton Primary on Townfield Lane, Barnton

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