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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by basso, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. basso

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    Have tried this twice before- found somewhere to play once but not the other time! Thought I'd give it a try again in the New Year! Looking for a band at the moment, have music degree from Manchester and performance degree from RNCM. Bit rusty at the moment and busy at work but looking for somewhere to play in Manchester/Cheshire/West Yorkshire. Can be contacted at simonjacobs@chethams.com if anyone is interested. Have played for lots of different bands in past and keen to get playing regularly again.

  2. AudleyBrass

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    Hi Simon
    Don't suppose you play Bb bass as well? Audley is in Staffordshire but right on the border of Cheshire, just off M6. We have a thread in the Recruitment corner, if you're interested.
  3. basso

    basso New Member

    not a Bb man I'm affraid!
  4. AudleyBrass

    AudleyBrass Member

    Shame...in that case have you seen that Rode Hall Band are looking for an Eb player?
  5. tat

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    Whitworth are looking for an Eb bass player, see ad posted 25/01/07 for solo Eb bass player
  6. eupho1

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    Hi Simon,

    Stockport Silver are looking for a Bass player. Good friendly band and great social side. Why not check us out at www.stockportsilver.co.uk your welcome to bob along for a blow anytime. Steve
  7. Ruth Lumb

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    Hi Simon,
    Golcar band in Huddersfield are looking for a permanent eb bass player. Golcar is a lovely friendly band and you would be made very welcome. For further information check out our website www.golcarband.co.uk or phone or email myself on 07583 304875.

    We rehearse Mon eves 7.30-9.30 at Golcar Baptist Church,Golcar,Hudds HD7 4HZ

    Feel free to pop down anytime :cool:
  8. drummerdave

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    Sorry chaps but was this thread not from 2007?

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