Eb Bass and Trombone looking for a band - Edinburgh area

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Scotty, May 19, 2010.

  1. Scotty

    Scotty Member

    Hi. I have two pupils leaving school this year who are both going to Edinburgh to study from Sptember. Both are competent players and as well as there experience at school they have both played with Dalmellington Youth Band and NYBBS. Both would need instruments. If anyone is interested I will happily put you in touch with them.

  2. delboy822

    delboy822 Member

    Hi Scotty

    St David's are based in Dalkeith just south of Edinburgh. We're currently in the 3rd section but after a fantastic performance at FBBF last month we are hoping even more to be back in the 2nd section next year.

    We're always looking for new players to come and join us especially in the bass section and I'm sure we'd be able to source some instruments too. Several band members currently live in Edinburgh and transport to Dalkeith is fairly easy.

    Our website is www.stdavidsbrass.co.uk for more info and my email address is delboy822@msn.com if they'd like any more info on the band.

  3. cole_91

    cole_91 New Member

    Hi there,

    Bathgate Band are currently looking for new members. This would give them the oppertunity to work with a 1st section band. We currently have a few students in the band who study in Edinburgh and it is a short train journey to the band. Also, a few members also come from edinburgh so transport would't be an issue.

    Bathgate band is a young band made up mostly of students so im sure they would feel comfortable.

    We have band intruments that we can provide them with so that shouldn't be too much of a probem.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  4. AlanD

    AlanD Member

    Hi there

    Tullis Russell Mills Band are currently looking for players. We are 2nd section and can also help with travel.

    We are a social band and all instruments will be provided (if needed)

    There is no Subs to pay at our band either.

    Hope to hear from you

  5. azuremanticore

    azuremanticore New Member

    Hi Scotty,

    The Edinburgh University Brass Band always welcome new players. We can lend a trombone, but no bass, so perhaps if they joined another band they might want to come along to us as well. All details are on http://eubb.eusa.ed.ac.uk

    Please tell them to keep an eye out for us at the fresher's fair!

    Hope to hear from you,

  6. centralband

    centralband New Member

    Something Different?

    If they are going to University/College, there is a wind band which has its own instruments eg Sovereign basses and King/Conn/Holton trombones.

    Its a wind band, which does not compete, and is only one night a week (Monday). The band is free. The band is located on a main bus route just off the bypass. The band has many students in it who study in the Edinburgh area.

    It would give them an opportunity to meet people who play other instruments eg bassoon, french horn etc.

    If they wish, they can learn a secondary instrument with lessons from professional teachers and these lessons are provided free of charge from a Lottery Grant.

    We do concerts, go away for residential musical/social weekends and go abroad to do jobs too. We have just returned from a job in Belgium playing with the Band of the Belgian Air Force. The band is regularly exposed to such interesting musical experiences.

    Worth considering, especially if they don't want to get too much of their free time hoovered up by competition rehearsals etc and want to try something different.

    The band has a website: www.centralbandrbls.webs.com

    They can contact the band as follows:

    email: centralbandrbls@hotmail.com
    Mobile 07791 860 525

  7. BariFraz

    BariFraz New Member

    Hi Scott

    not sure if our bass and trombone players are still looking for a band but Bathgate band currenty have vacancies on trombone and bass and the band would be more than happy to have them along.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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