Eastman UK Soprano cornet Review

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    A recent customer review of our Eb Soprano Cornet

    I had been thinking of purchasing a soprano cornet for quite a while but the price had always put me off.

    I came across the web-site and was really amazed about what they claimed and offered.

    I did quite a bit of research and Helios UK were excellent every step of the way.

    I often had responses much faster than I expected and their openness and candor was great.

    Payment was simple and to say I purchased over the Christmas window the delivery time fell well within what they

    had told me which was great.

    The Product itself is also a delight.

    To say I have played Shilke's for most of my life on Eb and Meastro's on Bb I am really surprised about the quality.

    The intonation is great and it is easy to play and I love the sound.

    Is it better than the £2.500 to £3.000 alternatives, not exactly, but is it within spitting distance at a 5th of the price, yes.

    Im just busy saving up some spare cash for their flugel horn next!!

    Mr R Marshall

    North Linconshire

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