Eastman Flugel horn

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    Well – the new flug arrived last night despite parcel forces best efforts to mess up the delivery address (they a managed to deliver it to a street half a mile away).
    First impressions are very, very good. It looks beautiful, the red brass bell, is gorgeous, with some lovely engraving on it.

    It has extra heavy valve caps, which just look mad!

    After a good clean and oil with some Ultra-Pure, the valves and slides are pretty good.

    The valves will take a good few playing hours to bed in, but no hangs or drags so far. The springs are prime candidates for changing though as they are a bit heavy for me. Sound is pretty nice so far – I’ll need some more playing time on it to comment on intonation etc., but so far, so good & unbelievable for the price! I’ll write some more once I get the chance & maybe even record a clip or two.

    Finally had a chance last night to have a proper play with the horn - I'm really impressed with it!

    Link to the Flugel http://eastman.goods.officelive.com/Flugel.aspx
    Link to small audio clip http://snd.sc/s0XciL

    Customer Ewan Mains
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