Eastman Ex Demo instruments for sale.

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    We have a few ex demo instruments for sale.

    1 x Baritone Bb , Compensating Silver plated with gold trimmings Only £562.00

    1 x Tenor Horn Eb , Silver plated with Gold Trimmings Only £429.00

    1 x Flugel Horn Bb 3rd valve trigger silver plated with Gold trimmings Only £359.00

    Please visit our web site and check with us before you order as they will go quickly.


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    Flugel has gone

    Hi the Flugel has gone, but the baritone & tenor horn are still available as from todays date

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    Eastman UK Musical Instruments

    Hi all

    The Baritone is fully compensating now reduced for final offer to Only £475.00 !

    The tenor Horn is now only £395 ! final offer

    Both in as new condition silver plated with gold trimmings.

    2 Bargains not to be missed!

    PM me if interested


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    Ex demo update

    We have the following ex demo instruments left as new condition!

    1 x Eastman Eb tenor Horn silver plated with gold trimmings Only £375 (RRP £559)

    1 x Eastman Bb Baritone compensating Silver plated gold trimmings Only £395 (RRP £636)

    1 x Eastman Bb Trumpet Silver plated Only £250 (RRP £459)

    All free UK delivery!

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    The Baritone is sold now! 26/11/2011

    Only the Tenor Horn left