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    During the early 1970's, the was a split away from the previously established Eastbourne Silver Band and a rival was set up under the name of the Eastbourne Brass Ensemble. This man responsible for the formation of the band was Harry Pearce. I played in the band up until 1974 when I joined the army as my Uncle played Horn there. This was a non-contesting band. Not sure when they folded - they were gone by the time I left the army in 1979.
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    Have you ever heard of Pevensey Bay Brass band or Mr Tim Lord? I played with them in the late 60's.
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    Indeed I have -Tim taught me to play and I was with Pevensey through its merger with The Hastings Band to become Sussex Brass - what's your name? We must have met!
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    Dear Andy Wooler thanks for your reply. My name is Steve Frampton, my brother and I were taught music by Tim Lord at Parkhouse Junior School, Havant. We played with Pevensey in the 60's for about 5 years I think. We used to stay at The Priory Court Hotel, Pevensey which I believe belonged to his mother at the time. Tim Lord lived at St Leonards when he got married.

    I returned last year for the first time in over 35 years. Brought back many happy memories. The only other player I can remember was a guy called 'Dag' who played the cornet.

    Thanks to Tim I still play and am with Blaenavon Concert Band, we have recently qualified to play at Harrogate later in the year. Hooray!

    Any more news on Tim Lord?
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    Tim is still alive and living in Shropshire these days. Tim's mum did indeed run the Priory Court Hotel - that's where I learnt to play!
    Dag was in fact a trombone player - he doesn't do Brass bands anymore but is still around the amateur music scene. He's now an Undertaker by trade!

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