East Yorkshire Motor Services Band - Open Rehearsal for Nationals

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    As part of their build up to the National Brass Band Championships, East Yorkshire Motor Services Band will be holding an open rehearsal on Sunday, 14th October, in the Town Hall, Hessle. This rehearsal will give any interested parties the opportunity to hear the test piece selected for this contest, Music For Battle Creek, by Philip Sparke, whilst it is rehearsed by the Band's Musical Director Jim Davies. The rehearsal starts at 8pm, and goes through until 10pm, and entry is free.
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    Think I might come for a listen!!! :wink:
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    Me Too !
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    Heard the band play the test piece at Driffield School on Saturday while helping the youth band out and might I say I was astounded at the level that the band played at. I thought the test piece was a very hard piece of music and couldn't believe how high the Euphonium player (Neil) had to play! (wish I could get that high on a cornet!).:sup

    I would like to wish the band the very best of luck at The Royal Albert Hall and lets hope you can bring the trophy back to East Yorkshire!:clap: :clap:

    I would also like to say that Steve the solo cornet player with the band, did the best Carnival of Venice I've ever heard and then when I found out he didn't have the music in front of him, I was even more impressed. He will be a hard player for the band to replace and I wish him the best of luck for the future.:clap: