East Yorkshire Motor Services Band: North Ferriby - Saturday 4th December, 7:30pm

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    Musical Director: Gareth Pritchard


    All Saints' Church, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire
    Saturday 4th December, 7:30pm
    Tickets on the door


    Viva Birkinshaw | William Rimmer
    Jingle Away with Joy | arr. Gavin Pritchard
    Share my Yoke | Joy Webb arr. Ivor Bosanko
    Guest Cornet Soloist: Alex Thomas (British Open Solo Champion)
    Once in Royal David's City | Audience Carol
    Love Changes Everything | Andrew Lloyd Webber arr. Stephen Bulla
    Silver Threads Amongst the Gold | W. A. Allison
    Soprano Cornet Soloist: Graham Drury
    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing | Audience Carol
    A Psalm of Praise | James Curnow


    Carol of the Bels | French Trad. arr. Tony Swainson
    The First Nowell | Audience Carol
    Trombonology | Tommy Dorsey arr. Alan Fernie
    Trombone Soloist: Mark Unsworth
    Silent Night | Franz Gruber arr. Iain McKnight
    Largo al Factotum | Gioacchimo Rossini arr. Stephen Roberts
    Tuba Soloist: David Fox
    Highlights from 'Home Alone' | John Williams arr. Neil Bowden
    O Come all Ye Faithful | Audience Carol
    Another World | Neil Bowden (EYMS Band Composer in residence)
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    Can you confirm whether it is on Saturday the 4th or the 20th?
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    Eek! It's Saturday the 4th! Not entirely sure what I was thinking about there..... is there any chance of changing the title of the thread?.... :oops:
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    I think you can just change it by editing your original post (try the "edit" button ;) )

    If this doesn't work, you should ask one of the Mods by sending a PM

    edit: aha, I see it's already fixed...
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    It's changed the name of the post, but not of the thread.... I shall email someone with the power to fix my blunders....
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    John fixed it for me! :D Good man!
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    ;):biggrin: no probs... cheque in the post yeah....:)

    Hope the concert goes well for ya!
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    Such a person does not exist surely.........;)

    Don't forget Mr Bathroom - no sloping off to Salford afterwards - Remember there's your own body weight in alcohol to consume at my house!!! :guiness

    (Invitation only - subject to terms and conditions)
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    Hmm..... like the disclaimer, very, erm, official...

    Hopefully I shall be there, it all depends on the driver! See you tonight!