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  1. We are a Youth Band based in Driffield since the mid 1980s, and looking around our area, there appears to be very few other opportunities for young players to play in a Brass Band.

    Within 20 miles of Driffield are towns like Beverley, Bridlington, Malton, Market Weighton, Hornsea, Pocklington, Filey and Scarborough. Also villages like Cottingham, Hunmanby, Wetwang, etc.

    I am unaware of any other youth bands in that area - please correct me if I am wrong!

    I would like all the bands within this area to use us as a starter band! Send any youngsters our way - with or without instruments - we will get them playing in an ensemble situation, and they can then feed into your senior bands when they are able. Everybody would benefit.

    I have looked at the websites of a lot of bands in the area, and many appear to be 'mature' in membership. I would like to start bringing the average age of players down, and ensure the future of as many of these bands as possible.

    All players (under 21 in education) are welcome. All instruments, and all abilities too.

    Please get in touch if you have any comments to make, or pupils to send, or if you wish to help out in any way.
  2. January 2012

    All eligible players are welcome.

    Anybody wish to offer support as a tutor would also be very welcome!
  3. February 2012

    All of the above still applies!
  4. March 2012

    We are still open to all players under 21 and in full time education, and also anybody who would like to lend a hand as a tutor would also be welcome.

  5. May Update

    We are in the market for all players (Brass and Percussion) under the age of 21 still in education.

    We rehearse on a Saturday morning between 10am and 12noon at Driffield School.

    Any interested players, please PM me and I will respond as soon as is possible.
  6. It has been a while since I posted on this thread.

    We are continuously working on recruitment, and would welcome new members who play any Brass or Percussion instruments.

    If you are interested in joining us, please PM me and I pass you more details.

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