East London / London North East Youth Band Reunion

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    A reunion is being arranged for later in the year to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Salvation Army's famous East London Youth Band (later known as the London North East Youth Band due to reorganisation within the SA!) and the 25 years that Max Weaver has been the Band Master.

    We trying to put together a list of former members to invite to the reunion.

    If you are a former member of the band, or you know someone who was, please PM or email me with their name and email address. If they haven't got an email address, a snail mail address will do.

    More details about date and time will follow shortly.

  2. Bariman

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    Thanks to all of you have contacted me so far but we still need more names and contact details so please get you thinking caps on and let me have the details.

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    and check out the facebook group- East London Youth Band/London North East Youth Band
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    Reunion date now set for Saturday 17 November at Barking SA Hall. Watch out for invitations arriving this week. If you don't get one, PM me.
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