Easingwold 2009

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by bigcol, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    Backworth Colliery Band will be there - anyone else going?

    Hope the weather is better than the Whits!
  2. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Emley will be there again, going for the 3rd section hatrick! And yes - a Sunnier evening would be good - The forecast looks positive. . .
  3. ratpit

    ratpit Member

    When is Easingwold march contest?

    What time do bands play?
  4. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    When and where is that?
  5. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    27th July. It's held in the market square at Easingwold, North Yorkshire. I can't remember the exact time it starts but it's basically an evening march contest.

    It's a great evening out but unfortunately I can't go this year as I'm at work
  6. bigcol

    bigcol Member

  7. mozart

    mozart Member

    I think you mean 27th JUNE !!:oops:
  8. Valvecap

    Valvecap Member

    Im going - twice! Conducting and playing... best o luck to all!
  9. pas

    pas New Member

    Unofficial results -

    Fishburn overall winners
    1 - Wakefield
    2 - Fishburn... Read more
    3 - Frickley
    4 - South Yorks Police
    1 - Stape
    2 - ???(sorry, couldn't tell)
    3 - Kirbymoorside
    4 - Shepherd Seniors

    Best troms on March & basses on stage - Wakefield
    Best 1st section overall (march & music)- Wakefield
    2nd - South Yorks Police
    3rd - Stape Silver
    4th/u/g - Shepherd Concert

  10. iRyan

    iRyan Member

    Wahey well done to Shepherds for getting 4th on the March!
  11. bigrik

    bigrik New Member

    next year they need a decent P.A - what a load of tosh
  12. Mr Malone

    Mr Malone Member

    Results from Easingwold.....

    March and Deportment

    1 - Stape Silver
    2 - Garforth Brass
    3 - Kirbymoorside
    4 - Shepherd Seniors

    March on stage.....

    1 - Wakefield Metropolitan
    2 - Fishburn
    3 - Frickley South Elmsall
    4 - South Yorks Police

    Best troms on March & basses on stage - Wakefield
    Best 1st section overall (march & music)- Wakefield
    2nd - South Yorks Police
    3rd - Stape Silver
    4th/u/g - Shepherd Concert
  13. pas

    pas New Member

    Hmm, please ignore "read more" in my post above - copy & paste from a facebook comment, and can't seem to edit it now.

  14. Valvecap

    Valvecap Member

    GO FRICKLEY SOUTH ELMSALL!!!!!! Well done Guys... 3rd on the stand is a STONKIN result in some VERY good company. Good to see so many friends there this year. Agree wi Rich though... whats that P.A all about?!
  15. dickyg

    dickyg Member

    Well done guys!!!!

  16. Toxophile

    Toxophile Member

    Dodgy PA

    Does anyone see a pattern in dodgy PA system and disappointing results, or is it simply that playing a bass makes you see conspiracies everywhere ? :biggrin:
  17. SHD999

    SHD999 Member

    The joys of marching in Police uniform on your day off. Verbal abuse (ladies) and objects thrown at my players as we marched past the line of pubs.
    We enjoyed the contest but it was spoilt by the activities of very small minority.

    I guess no one else suffered the same response, perhaps it was the choice of music, or more likely the uniform ;-)

    South Yorkshire Police Band
  18. Tracey

    Tracey Member

    You've never had to put up with that behaviour at Old Silkstone March Contest I hope anyway!!!!!

    There's just no need for it is there??:(:(

    Why do people have to spoil events like this :confused::confused::confused:
  19. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Don't know about the objects being thrown, I gather that was round the corner from where we were standing from what I heard...but I hope the verbal abuse comment wasn't aimed at me!
    As your band got off the bus (all in uniform and blatantly obvious who you were) and started to unload the instruments, we were standing outside the George Hotel and I just called across the road (for a bit of a giggle) "What band are you lot then?" to a WPC that was standing at the rear of the bus. The look she gave me could have sunk ships! I think someone said later that they recognised her on the march past as your flugel player? If she took offence at my little joke or misheard me then she has my apologies, it was only meant as a bit of fun and no offence was intended.
    As you marched past we all stood clapping and showing our support, but as you passed there were three policemen giving a ticket to a bloke in a car across the road, so I called to the one that seemed to be doing the least of the three of them that they'd be ruining your bands chance of the deportment prize if they didn't keep up. He (gladly) saw the funny side of that. :biggrin:

    Throwing stuff at people is unforgivable. Those idiots want locking up.
  20. mdfreeman

    mdfreeman Member

    :clap: I agree the idiots do need locking up, but your always going to have the few who will spoil it for someone.

    I know I've mentioned this before, but the majority of the band are not police officers and the only association we have is playing for the band which we proudly do supporting various charities throughout the year and representing the force at many public events.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit narky, but the incident this weekend has annoyed me in the fact that if we'd been in stage uniform it probably would of been a different story.lol.

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