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  1. Percussion Wanted

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    Easington Colliery Band are looking for Tuned and Kit percussionists. The band are moving into the championship section from Jan 2007. Interested ? Call Scott Meikle on 0191 520 8900. We look forward to your call.
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  2. dyl

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    Best of luck with your recruitment.
  3. geordie in exile

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    Hi i used to play sometimes for Easington, is Ian Harris still principal?
  4. Hi, nice to hear you used to play for the band, unfortunately Ian is no longer with the band. If you fancy coming down to a practice get in touch.
  5. geordie in exile

    geordie in exile New Member

    Thanks for the invitation, would be good to see John Oates and Peter Lawson again.
  6. geordie in exile

    geordie in exile New Member

    Thanks for making me so wellcome the other night, really good to see peter and john again. Did't realise you had Dennis Todd on principal, bought my first instument from him 25 years ago!
  7. Come, Strike Up Our Band!

    The RMT Easington Colliery Band are looking for a PRINCIPAL CORNET / SOLO CORNET to lead our ambitious team of bandsmen.

    We are currently in the CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION in the North of England and rehearse on a Thursday night 7.30 - 9.30 and on a Sunday 5.00 - 7-00.

    If interested contact Band Secretary Scott Meikle 0191 520 8900.
  8. Percussion Wanted




    SCOTT MEIKLE 0191 520 8900


    We are a friendly but ambitious CHAMPIONSHIP section band.

    We are based in the North of England and rehearse in our own band room.

    For more details contact Scott Meikle - scot.meikle@tesco.net
  10. Horn player required North East of England

    RMT EASINGTON COLLIERY BAND require a 1st horn player.

    We are a busy Championship section band, we have a good mix of contests and concerts.

    We rehearse on a Sunday and a Thursday in our own bandroom in the village of Easington Colliery.

    All other players welcome...............for more info contact the band secretary scot.meikle@tesco.net.
  11. JayHorn

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    Band in NE England need Percussion & Horn Player

    Easington Colliery (Championship) require good percussionists and also a good tenor horn player for busy concert and contest schedule.
    Scottish Open & Troon is on the list for later in year.
  12. missflugel

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    Easington Colliery Band are looking for a first class cornet player to join our cornet section.

    The band were recently featured on The Secret Millionaire on channel 4 and have many exciting jobs in the next few months. Our next engagement is Pontins in October and with the Scottish Open in Novemeber we've got a busy end to the year.
    The band are rehearsing for a cd recording and next year already have jobs booked in Ireland and the Isle of Man as well as Brass at the Guild and the all important North of England Areas in March.

    The band rehearses on Thursday and Sunday evenings in the old pit pay office in Easington Colliery.

    If you are interested in coming along to the band then PM me or visit the band website www.easingtoncollieryband.org

    Jo x
  13. geordie in exile

    geordie in exile New Member

    Very friendly bunch of people, is Peter Lawson still playing with the band?
  14. theflyingscot

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    Solo Euphonium required

    Easington Colliery Brass Band
    [FONT=&quot]The band require a 1st class Solo Euphonium player, we are a friendly hard working Championship section band based in the North East of England.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]We have a good mixture of contests and concerts coming up: Land O Burns contest, FBBA contest and the Scottish Open contest.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]If you are interested please contact band secretary Scott Meikle[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Mob: 07956957382[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Email: ecb13@btinternet.com[/FONT]

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