Eagley Band and Gareth Westwood Part Company.

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    The Eagley Band is sad to announce the departure of their MD, Gareth Westwood, for pastures new. The band and Gareth part company on the best of terms as Gareth succumbs to the workload of his new post at The Blue Coat School, where he works as a Teacher of Music. Thanks to Gareth, the band is in a good position in the third section to improve and beat the classy performance that took them to Harrogate in 2008. The band continue to have a very full concert agenda, as well as contest appearances and are also celebrating their 160th year in 2010, with their new CD “Jubilation” which was released just before Christmas. The band would like to thank Gareth for his three years of hard work on our behalf, and we wish him all the very best for the future.

    “I have some great memories as MD of the Eagley band and am very sad to be leaving. I wish the band and its new conductor all the best for the future and thank all the players at Eagley, past and present, for a fantastic 3 years of music making.”

    Gareth Westwood

    Obviously, the band is now looking to replace Gareth with a new and dynamic MD to take us forward into the next decade and to further improve the band’s standards. Anyone who is interested in taking the band should contact Nick Brimelow (0784120170), Debs Lyons (07731996925) or Lee Tramontana (07753615223) in the first instance, for further details and in strictest confidence.
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