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Discussion in 'Deputies Wanted' started by mikelyons, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Eagley Band, based at the Mercure Last Drop Inn at Bolton, have a temporary vacancy for an EEb Bass for the areas and, possibly, the Nationals - if you are willing to register with a Kapitol Card. I'm not, so you will be taking my place and you'll have to be good. If you think you can fill my boots, please contact the band in confidence via the contacts on the website, by PM to me (click on my name) by email to me, Paula or Debs. We look forward to hearing from you.:)
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    Bravo to you Sir, for sticking to your principles.
    Not sure how the rest of your band feel, but assume they are not of the same opinion.. if so - Bravo also to them for allowing you to express yours.
    Speaks volumes for democracy .... well done to all.
  3. mikelyons

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    Thanks. I know some of the band do not understand why I am making a fuss. Others seem to think I am letting the band down in some way, but I have made it clear right from the start of this fiasco where I stand. Most of the band are understanding. It just puts a strain on us all and having to find a player is proving difficult (at one time you couldn't spit without hitting 3 bass players in every direction - now it's like a desert). We could actually do with both an Eb and a BB as we played with only 3 basses at Preston.

    We're not expecting commitment, we're not after love - just sex on the back seats in Hollywood ;-)
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    I'm also prepared to pay a reasonable fee, if that's what it takes...