Dyslexic and left handed?

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  1. Trying to do a bit of research on dyslexia. I'd like to find out if there is any correlation between dyslexia and left handedness. I've heard that nationally there are 1 in 10 left handed people. Is it higher in the dyslexic group?
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    Dyslexia and being left handed

    I read almost all the dyslexia research that comes down the net highway or is referenced on the web. I have never seen a study that confirms that dyslexics are more likely to be left handed than the general population. I believe that like many "facts" about dyslexia it was just a guess probably based on the idea that because dyslexics seem to be right brain dominate that they would be likely be left handed.

    There has only been one study of handedness and dyslexia that I am aware of and the result of that study was that the only group that had a higher rate of dyslexics than the general population was the group that was ambidextrous.

    There are many dyslexia myths that are the result of observations that were not considered closely. The idea that dyslexics have above average intelligence was based on the fact that it was easier to identify someone with reading problems and above average IQ. It is still true that diagnosed dyslexics have above average IQ's but there has never been a study that indicates that is actually true. It was just the result of a sampling bias.

  3. My son is right handed and dyslexic.
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    I'm left handed but not dyslexic.
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    I'm neither left-handed nor dyslexic.
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    I am left handed and have that rather strange but vaguely related to dyslexia, thing about an inability to understand numbers and mathematics, sometimes referred to as numeric dyslexia. Consequently my life has been quite difficult at times where numbers and counting are involved. I have managed to live with it, but any quick mental arithmetic to someone else, is a complete pain for me, and takes me ages to sort out.
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    I am interested to learn of this "numeric dyslexia" i think i may suffer from this,if theres a general knowledge quiz going on i can usually come up with the answers but if they throw in some maths questions i become competley baffled even some of the more simple equations are difficult.imagine what its like when the conductor tells us to sub divide the bars into quavers semi quavers etc !