Dyslexia in Music

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    Dear All

    This year the British Dyslexia Association celebrates its 40th year helping the 10% of the popultaion that experience Dyslexia.

    On October 6th 2012 I have offrered my bands services to give a fundraising charity concert in the South Buckinghamshire / North Berkshire area.

    I am keen to get in touch with any musicians out there who experience dyslexia that would be interested in being solo guests for the evening, both individualy with a painist or with the band.

    If you are interested or know of anyone please PM in the first instance

    many Thanks

    Ian Young
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    Hi Ian.

    I am Dyslexic.

    I always gravitated towards refference material in prefference to 'reading' material such as novels.
    Reading is a necessity or a chore to someone with dyslexia so 'what' you read becomes very prioritized.
    One learns to be critical of the importance of the text to have to endure, to assess and the filter.

    Music... hmm... Interesting one here as we are dealing more often than not with repettitive patterns.

    Im SO far away in the Scottish Borders to be of service as a willing performer with Dyslexia ... but I really hope you unearth willing participents.

    If I can help to promote or cover your fundraising concert please get in touch at FMFK

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