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  1. Just as a matter of interest, did anyone else see the programme on the tele over the weekend about Radio 2???? It featured all the non mainstream music programmes - The organist entertains, Mike Harding`s folk etc. As part of Listen To The Band, the cameras followed Dykes preparation for, and competiton at this years Open. `Twas brilliant stuff with some great comments from Frank Renton, Nicholas Childs and members of the band. It really showed what banding in competition is all about. Hopefully it may have educated Joe Public and given him an insight as to why we do what we do. I only encountered this programme by accident though, and it is a shame that its existence couldn`t have been somehow advertised to the banding fraternity. Then, that would need for the banding world to get organised and have a person to whom the tv companies could turn to and who in turn could try to influence them get more about bands on the tv and radio. I`m not holding my breath!!!!
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    I saw it too! I thought it was a really interesting program not just about bands but all the different genres mentioned. I think we looked quite up to date in comparison to the organist program!!
  3. postie

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    I also saw the programme I thought it did the banding community no harm at all. I think it definately showed it in a very positive light which will do us no harm whatsoever.
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    I saw the programme too! Thought it showed brass bands in a great light and also that the conductor and band members interviewed were nice people.

    I enjoyed the different genre on the programme as well.

    The BBC could have advertised it better on the information about the programme, mentioning Black Dyke on its write up so that banders could watch if they wanted.
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    In fairness, there are probably higher priorities on the beeb's agenda than promoting its programming to a small audience of banders. And it was trailed quite well on 4BR.

    For those who are regular "Listen to the Band" listeners, was it advertised there?
  6. Yes Andy, but IF there was an `el supremo` that these companies could send their info to, he could make sure we all knew. Surely they want to see the best possible audience figures ??
  7. Anno Draconis

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    Do you mean an "el supremo" of UK banding? If so, there's a whole new can of worms/kettle of fish right there!!
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    i was there having my lesson when they started filming :) i was well impressed. haha. shame i didnt see it.
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    It was called "Whatever Happened to Radio 2?" and was broadcast on BBC4. It was a repeat from last weekend.... and does not show on the next week's schedules again......

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  11. Yea but as we all know TMP is the only site to view :) :) :)
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    Yea if you want to read about events after they've happened
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  14. Bungle

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    I missed it aswell. I couldn't find it on the BBC iplayer I wonder why this is, I assume it was a BBC production?
  15. WorldofBrass.com

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    I hear that Cory and Black Dyke will be featured on the Alan Titchmarsh programme this Thursday.

    Maybe someone can help me out as to when this programme runs, all I know is that it is on the BBC!
  16. k8 loves to bone

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    i dont have bbc 4 :(
  17. ian perks

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    just by chance i saw it but missed 10 mins of it .never mind but was well worth seeing
  18. alanl58

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    The Alan Titchmarsh Show is on ITV1 at 3.00pm daily, but Thurday's schedule does not show anything other than the usual guff:

    ENTERTAINMENT: The Alan Titchmarsh Show

    Join Alan for a daily dose of celebrity chat and top advice. And meet some of Britain's national treasures and unsung heroes - with a little bit of music thrown in, too!

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  20. 2nd man down

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    No, I wasn't referring to this particular event, I was merely pointing out that the Auditorium is where to look to see upcoming events, contrary to the suggestion by rosolino that tMP wasn't the place to see things like that. :rolleyes:

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