DVD0040 Crème de la Crème (Das Gelbe vom Ei) Monzil Brass

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    Track List

    1 Marinarella – Overture op. 215 - (Julius Fucik / Mnozil Brass)
    2 I Can´t Give You Anything but Love - (Jimmy McHugh / Leonhard Paul)
    3 Tell – Overture - (Gioacchino Rossini / Mnozil Brass)
    4 My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean - (Traditional / Mnozil Brass)
    5 Opera Medley - (Verdi / Schubert / Mnozil Brass)
    6 Florentiner Marsch (Florentine March) op. 214 - (Julius Fucik / Mnozil Brass)
    7 Hungarian Schnapsodie - (Leonhard Paul)
    8 Prelude No. 22 - (J. S. Bach / Leonhard Paul)
    9 Moldavia - (Traditional / Gerhard Füssl)
    10 Flötenwahnsinn (The Mad Flute) - (J. Haydn / Leonhard Paul)
    11 Auf der Heide (On the Heathland) - (Robert Stolz / Leonhard Paul)
    12 Riserva - (Leonhard Paul)
    13 Concerto for Trumpet - (Harry James / Roman Rindberger / Leonhard Paul)
    14 Ramona - (Traditional / Mnozil Brass)
    15 Uraufführung (Premiere) - (Mnozil Brass)
    16 Blue - (Thomas Gansch)
    17 Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood) op. 354 - (Johann Strauß Sohn / Mnozil Brass)
    18 Mürztaler Marsch (Mürztal March) - (Traditional / Mnozil Brass)​
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  3. Roger Thorne

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    Wem, Shropshire UK
    Treated myself to this DVD for Christmas (along with their "Irmingard" DVD) and I certainly recommend that you buy it (them). The standard of playing (and singing) on both DVD's is just unbelieveable and the orginality, arrangements, comedy and entertainment elements are absolutely first class.

    If you've got a few shilling left after Christmas you wouldn't go far wrong buying any of these Videos.

    Here's a sneak preview:

  4. daveredhead

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    Banbury Oxon.
    Monzil Brass

    Hi Just a point of interest,,City of Coventry have booked the above to appear live July 4th 2010
  5. Independent Silver Band

    Independent Silver Band Active Member

    Mt. Vernon Illinois, U.S.A.
    Be sure to check out "Riserva." Amazing.
  6. HowarthBrass

    HowarthBrass Member

    Thanks for the heads up Dave! Mnozil Brass are coming to Coventry on July 4th! However, they have not been booked by City of Coventry Brass, so all ticket enquiries should go to howarthbrass@o2.co.uk
    Lesley H
  7. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    Banbury Oxon.
    DVDOO4O Creme de la Creme Mnozil Brass

    As mentioned below Mnozil Brass are appearing and tickets are obtainable from thread as listed above,I was wrong to suggest that they have been booked by City Of Coventry Brass, as usual got my facts wrong, hope it did not cause any embaressment to anyone or inconvenience:mad::mad:
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