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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by euphfanhan, Mar 18, 2006.

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    Does anyone know if australian dvds work on english dvd players? I'm trying to buy 2 dvds but they only seem to be sold in australia. My mum recently bought a dvd from amazon which was american and didn't work on our dvd player and only worked on the computer when the settings had been changed.
    One of the dvds says 'DVD 5 - Dolbly Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo' if that has any relevance at all??? Help pleeeeease :confused:
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    Exactly. ;)
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    Get the de-region code for your DVD player... they are created by the manufacturers who then choose not to tell their customers how to turn off regionalisation. Typical eh... region codes are nothing but a rip-off anyhow.
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    For information, the UK is Region 2 and Australia is region 4.

    Contrary to popular belief, not all DVDs are region encoded (even when the packaging indicates that they are) - so suck it and see is one answer. Trying a 'hack' code is another as indicated above (most cheaper DVD players can be made region free - it costs money to make them region specific, hence why it's generally not done for some of the more downmarket players ;)).

    There are other, er, slightly more legally grey ways of getting things to play which would involve buying the DVD, copying it to PC and stripping the regionality out before reburning - but as I say, this is technically a breach of copyright (even if you own the original - certainly in this country).
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    http://www.dvdhacks.co.uk will help depending on make/model of your dvd. I've used it on 3 dvd's we have here at home with success.

    Speaking of which, anyone have the hack for the Technika DVR100 as sold by Tescos? This model is proving elusive via the web to get a hack!

  8. rutty

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    Exactly. They've got little or nothing to do with copyright protection and everything to do with ensuring that the end-user pays more for their products. It's the same with Digital Rights Management (DRM) - restricts what you can do with your legally purchased media while having no impact on the pirates.

    Bit of a bugbear, which is why I buy my DVDs from anywhere that's cheapest regardless of region (they all play on my perfectly legal Linux-based Open Source media players anyway) and refuse to buy an iPod or pay for music via iTunes etc. I'll buy the CD and rip it myself.

    Anyway (back on topic) the DVDHacks site as mentioned above is very good for the remote hacks for many DVD players though there are plenty that are "Unhackable" and might need to be chipped (costs about £20 I believe). Sony tend to be unhackable via remote.

    Remember, though, that all this is in a bit of a legal grey area but I'm fully behind the concept of removing the restrictions on legally purchased music and films.

    More features please, not more restrictions.
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    The same is true of most of the major Japanese manufacturers. They store the region code on ROM so that it can't be hacked. Only way around these is to get them chipped like Rutty says. I don't care though, wouldn't swap my Sony for anything, except maybe the soon to be released HD model. :)

    It's strange though. I've just had a look at my DVD racks and it looks like I've bought way more DVD's than I ever did VHS video. Same is true of computer games. When I was younger I thought nothing of going to the local market and now I have racks full of originals.

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