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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Ryan06, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Ryan06

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    Hey All,

    Id like to purchase some DVDS from World of brass. The Dvd I want to get is A Celebration in Brass - Black dyke band and ISB.

    It says on the site that you need a dvd player that plays Region 2 Pal and PAL format. I checked my dvd player but could not find anywhere that says it. My dvd player is a Toshiba SD-1800 if that helps. Its only a few years old, would the dvd work on that?

  2. winterman

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    I would suspect, baised on the fact you appear to be from Calgary area, that your DVD player is a Region 1 player.

    There are usually ways to enable them to play DVDs for any region but you may find you are in breach of your Copyright Laws by doing so. Also am I right in thinking that NTSC is the TV standard over there, if so it may well have trouble playing the DVD anyway unless the TV is capable of displaying PAL as well.

    Probably best to drop WoB an email and see if they have any plans to release these in other region or even better Region 0.
  3. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    perhaps the tosh can be made region free or you could rip the DVD's onto a PC and create region free backups of the discs you have legally bought.
  4. John Brooks

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    Hi Ryan,

    I've got several DVD's from WoB and mainly play them on my PC or Laptop, where they work very well. I do have a rare find of a DVD player, purchased at Future Shop about three years ago, that plays all formats. It was a cheap item but it works on the TV. Unfortunately they don't sell them anymore.

    The only other option is to take them to a company with the capability of making a "Region 1" copy; I understand that can be done but it makes the acquisition pretty expensive. I checked into it once and the company was very concerned with copyright as they should be. My thought was that I would request a one-off authorization from WoB; not sure they could or would do that but, in the end it was simply too expensive.

    I recall that they did have a small supply of the Eric Ball Celebration Concert in Region 1 format; they may have sold out by now. I'm sure Carl will add a few comments once this thread catches his eye.
  5. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    It's probably just a demographic vs production costs thing, although I'm sure Carl will clarify. My guess is that the DVDs will be region 2 only, just because Europe is the intended market.

    As has been suggested, you can look in to buying a region free DVD player (there are many advertised as such in the UK, it's a bit of a grey area) or you could as has been suggested already play it from a PC. Please be aware, though, that the firmware of most PC DVD drives allow only 5 region switches which means that if you play region 1 then region 2 discs alternately it will become 'stuck' and will then only play one. That said, a PC DVD ROM is extremely cheap and could be added specifically with the purpose of playing Region 2 discs.

    Perhaps now WoB are going forwards with an MP3 Download service, they could consider something like a Territory restricted DivX download service of the DVDs as well? That'd give everybody access to them?

    Perhaps I should stop giving away business models and ideas? ;)
  6. bassmittens

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    I'm surprised that this type of DVD is set to a region at all. The regionisation of DVD's is to co-incide with film release dates (ie you should not be able to buy and play the film on DVD before it has been released in your countyr at the cinema).

    I would expect this to be like most general interest discs, sports discs, music discs and be set to region 0 which all players should handle.

    The toshiba SD1800 should have a setting on the setup menu which allows you to select the TV output type to suit the TV broadcast system used in your country (most new TV's will handle both PAL and NTSC anyway) but my advice set this to "Auto" if it has it! This will avoid confusion. Otherwise you may find the disc plays but only in black and white.

    If your machine is only set to Region 1 there are plenty of websites and forums that will point you to a downloadable hack which you can download and burn onto a CD before running it through your DVD. The Toshiba's are usually quite straight forward!!

    I believe it is not illegal to make your DVD multi-region, or even to sell a multi-region DVD player, but it may invalidate any warranty as it usually re programmes the EPROM chip.

    Let's face it who has not got a multi-region player these days?
  7. WorldofBrass.com

    WorldofBrass.com Active Member

    We did a limited run of Region 1 discs for when the ISB toured North America in 2004. They returned the unsold copies to us and we have a small quantity left. We've actually made Region 1 / Region 2 selectable by drop-down box on the website now; http://www.worldofbrass.com/acatalog/26001.html
  8. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    You are quite right - the region aspect of DVD's has nothing to do with Copyright. (In Asia, the dominant format for a long time was VCD which is region free).
    On the last point, if you buy one of the cheaper multi-region players from Richer Sounds, what you often get is the UK version with the region free hack supplied! As far as warranty is concerned, they supplied it as multi-region so the warranty issue is for them to solve! I have bought 2 from them and they have not advised that warranty would be invalidated by using the hack they provided.
  9. johnmartin

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    You normally find that cheaper DVD players from Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers are able to be made region free in software using the remote control. The major Japanese manufacturers however normally embed the region code in a memory chip in the player which normally means that it cannot be changed by software (there are a few which can be). This gives rise to the practice of modding the players using a new chip, which will definetely invalidate any remaining warranty on the equipment.
  10. bassmittens

    bassmittens Member

    Absolutely - they are the only people who seem to sell Muliti-region with confidence, and fair play. I'm sure we all get our hifi and home cinema bits from there these days!