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  1. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    This year, the Dutch nationals will be held on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 December (in the protestand North of the Neherlands, no contests are organised on Sundays!).

    It will be the 25th time that the Dutch National Championships are organised, and like i the last couple of years, they will take place in the Martiniplaza Theater in Groningen (although not in the big hall were the EBC were organised earlier this year!). No less the 47 bands, divided over 5 sections, will participate this year.

    For the occasion of the 25th championships, four test pieces were especially commisioned. These are the set pieces for the 5 sections:

    Championship Section: Earthquake (Jan de Haan)
    1st Section: Suite Montreux (Franz Cibulka)
    2nd Section: Elegy I (Jacob De Haan)
    3rd Section: Three Part Inventions (Kenneth Downie)
    4th Section: Magnificat (A. MacKareth)

    these pieces will be judged by 2 trio's of adjudicators:
    1st, 2nd and 4th Section:
    - Franz Cibulka (Austria)
    - Maurice Hamers (The Netherlands)
    - Luc Vertommen (Belgium)

    3rd and Championship Section:
    - David Read (UK)
    - Rob Goorhuis (The Netherlands)
    - David Horsfield (UK)

    The participating bands are:

    Championship Section
    De Bazuin Oenkerk
    De Wâldsang
    Soli Brass Leeuwarden
    Brass Band Schoonhoven A
    P.B.G. Groningen
    Rijnmond Rotterdam
    Amsterdam Brass
    Brassband Limburg
    Altena Brass

    1st Section
    Heman Zuidwolde
    David Zwolle
    De Spijkerpakkenband Ureterp
    Kunst naar Kracht De Goorn
    Brasssband Breukelen
    Delta Brass Zeeland
    Excelsior Zalk
    Excelsior Kloetinge

    2nd Section
    De Lofklank Ureterp
    Excelsior Veenwoudsterwal
    Pro Rege Heerenveen
    Excelsior Ferwert
    Schoonhoven B

    3rd Section
    Const.Huygens Appingedam
    De Nije Bazún Britsum
    Geref. Brassband Groningen
    Looft den Heer Beetgumermolen
    Waldbrass Kollum
    Juliana Kollumerzwaag
    Soli Deo Gloria Blije
    Apollo Grou
    De Bazuin B Oenkerk
    De Bazuin Ureterp
    Gloria Deï Gerkesklooster-Stroobos
    Blaast de Bazuin Surhuisterveen
    Harp en Luit Vuren
    Looft den Heer Wirdum

    4th Section
    Bernlef Noardburgum
    Euphonia Ternaard
    Blaast de Bazuin Oude/Nieuwebildtdijk
    Hallelujah Menaldum
    It Heideblomke Harkema
    U.D.I. Oosternijkerk
    Immanuël Eemsmond
    De Sjofaar Friesepalen
    Looft den Heer Garijp
    Soli Deo Gloria Rinsumageest
    Felison Brass

    The timing of the events (all times are CET):

    Friday 2 December 2005
    15.00 uur Opening by NBK president Durk Dam
    15.05 uur 3rd Section - (break of 15 minutes after 7 bands)
    20.00 uur 2nd Section
    22.15 uur Proclamation of the results of 3rd and 2nd Section

    Saturday 3 December 2005
    09.25 uur Opening by NBK president Durk Dam
    09.30 uur 4th Section
    13.30 uur 1st Section
    16.15 uur Break, followed by proclamation of the results of 4th and 1st Section
    18.30 uur Championship Section
    22.45 uur Proclamation of the results of the Championship Section
  2. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Just to let you know that Soli Brass has won the Dutch National Championships. Full results to follow later...
  3. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - Yey! They had a VERY strange result last year .... coming last! Well done to the players! :clap:
  4. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    If I'm informed correctly, they had some difficult years, changing conductors several times. But since this year they are being conducted by 22(!) year old [size=-1]Frans-Aert Burghgraef, who only just finished his musical studies[/size][size=-1] (studying euphonium an ddirection with Tijmen Botma and Klaas van der Woude). Professionally he's now playing euphonium with the Royal Band of the Dutch Marines and he ha's been a member of Provinciale Brass band Groningen, with whom he played a solo item at the recent World Brass band Championships in Kerkrade. Certainly a talented fellow!
  5. bubble2500

    bubble2500 New Member

    Unbelievable to achieve this result within a year!

    Young mister Burghgraef is so musical, a real magic took place between band and audience at Martini Plaza during playing Earthquake at the championships...:clap:

    Belfast: here we come!:D

    I am so proud to play at Soli Brass...

    visit http://www.solibrass.nl
  6. horn__blower

    horn__blower Member

    is brass banding quite a big thing in holland?
  7. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    And maybe this one rehearsal with Ivan Meylemans also helped a bit? ;)

    congratulations Bubble! :clap:

    Yes. I thinks it's the most popular type of band in the 2 Northern provinces (Friesland and Groningen). In the rest of the country there are also brass bands, but they have to share the scene with wind and fanfare bands (especially in the south and east) and marching bands (in the west). Every village traditionally has either a wind band, a fanfare band or a brass band. A lot of villages even have 2 or more bands. Besides the village bands, there are the regional and provincial bands. They try to attract the better players from the village bands, and play at a higher musical level.

    Not much different from the situation in parts of the UK I presume... (and in Belgium for that mather)
  8. bubble2500

    bubble2500 New Member

    Ivan did a great job in short time of preparation, worked mainly on balance, sound and dynamics.
    Ivan is a great person to work with, dedicated, musical and a lot of humor.

    Ivan was invited by Soli Brass only a few days before the actual rehearsel to replace Nicholas Childs, who was unable to travel to Holland, due to medical reasons.

    Soli Brass is very greatfull for the input of Ivan, thanks a lot!!:clap:
  9. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    and that's exactly how I know him ;)
    to give you an idea about his dedication: he drove from Leeuwarden back to his home near Utrecht, through the snow, arriving way after midnight. And then to get up after only a few hours of sleep to leave, again through the snow, for Belgium for the rehearsel of the Noord-Limburgse Brass Band (who he had to conduct at the Belgian Nationals on sunday). Amazing ;)

    But of course, 99% of the conducting credit should go to Frans-Aert! I wonder what it will be like at the next rehearsal of the Band of the Dutch Marines, when he's sitting next to Renato Meli ;) Hopefully they will stil get along :D

    (Renato Meli is the solo euphonium of Brass Band Limburg, who became seventh)
  10. bubble2500

    bubble2500 New Member

    Until today 4Barsrest didn't publish anything about the Dutch Championships.

  11. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member



    1st, 2nd & 4th Sections
    - Franz Cibulka (Austria)
    - Maurice Hamers (Holland)
    - Luc Vertommen (Belgium)

    3rd & Championship Sections
    - David Read (UK)
    - Rob Goorhuis (Holland)
    - David Horsfield (UK)

    Soli (and bubble2500) at Groningen

    Championship Section
    1 Soli Brass Leeuwarden (Frans-Aert Burghgraef) 96
    2 Brass Band Schoonhoven A Schoonhoven (Benny Wiame) 95
    3 Rijnmond Rotterdam (Erik Janssen) 94
    4 De Bazuin Oenkerk (Klaas van der Woude) 93
    5 De Wâldsang Buitenpost (Rieks van der Velde) 92
    6 P.B.G. Groningen (Sietse Hamersma) 91
    7 Brassband Limburg Geleen (Frans Violet) 90
    8 Amsterdam Brass Amsterdam (Frank van Koten) 89
    9 Altena Brass Andel (Jan-Gerrit Adema) 88

    1st Section
    1 Brasssband Breukelen Breukelen (Luuk Tuinstra) 96
    2 Excelsior Zalk (Rieks van der Velde) 95
    3 Heman Zuidwolde (Sietse Hamersma) 94
    4 Delta Brass Zeeland Veere (Albert John Vervorst) 93
    5 De Spijkerpakkenband Ureterp (Thijs Oud) 92
    6 Excelsior Kloetinge (Bert van Thienen) 89
    7 Kunst naar Kracht De Goorn (Eric Janssen) 88
    8 David Zwolle (Dirk Annema) 86

    2nd Section
    1 De Lofklank Ureterp (Siemen Hoekstra) 95
    2 Schoonhoven B Schoonhoven (Gerhart Drijvers) 93
    3 Excelsior Ferwert (Piet Visser) 91
    4 Pro Rege Heerenveen (Thijs Oud) 90
    5 Excelsior Veenwoudsterwal (Piet van der Heide) 87

    3rd Section
    1 De Bazuin B Oenkerk (Guus Tomey) 95
    2 Soli Deo Gloria Blije (Piet van der Heide) 93
    3 Geref. Brassband Groningen Groningen (Ria Fennema) 92
    4 Looft den Heer Beetgumermolen (Jochem Hoekstra) 91
    5 Waldbrass Kollum (Klaas van der Woude) 90
    6 Blaast de Bazuin Surhuisterveen (Bienze IJlstra) 88
    7 De Bazuin Ureterp (Hans Toebes) 87
    8 Apollo Grou (Piet Visser) 86
    9 Gloria Deï Gerkesklooster-Stroobos (Marco Middelberg) 85
    10 Harp en Luit Vuren (Dick-Jan Veerbeek) 84
    11 Const.Huygens Appingedam (Luuk Tuinstra) 83
    12 Looft den Heer Wirdum (Andries Kramer) 82
    13 Juliana Kollumerzwaag (Helfred van der Veen) 81
    14 De Nije Bazún Britsum (Thom Zigterman) 80

    4th Section
    1 Blaast de Bazuin Oude/Nieuwebildtdijk (Paulus de Jong) 95
    2 Immanuël Eemsmond (Marco Middelberg) 94
    3 It Heideblomke Harkema (Richard Visser) 93
    4 U.D.I Oosternijkerk (Daan Hoekstra) 92
    5 Soli Deo Gloria Rinsumageest (Nynke van der Heide) 91
    6 Looft den Heer Garijp (Sijde van der Ploeg) 90
    7 Bernlef Noardburgum (Hille van Hijum) 89
    8 De Sjofaar Friesepalen (Gatze Verbeek) 88
    9 Felison Brass Velsen-Noord (Alexander Zwaan) 87
    10 Hallelujah Menaldum (Gatse Hijlkema) 86
    11 Euphonia Ternaard (Jappie Kuipers) 84
  12. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe you should send them the link to the results, together with a short press release by the band?
    I know that's how the result of the Belgian Championships made it to 4BarsRest: somebody from Willebroek wrote the report and sent the results to Iwan Fox...
    Maybe 4BarsRest just isn't interested in our countries :(
  13. bubble2500

    bubble2500 New Member

    I already have done that...:(
  14. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Well, I've posted the full results (after amendments) a couple of posts ago. Maybe 4BR never got invited back to Holland? ;) (... maybe I should have done that a couple of days ago since you might still be celebrating).
  15. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks, I had planned to do that myself, but I forgot :oops:

    and Bubble, I heard that you have a party this evening... Enjoy it ;)
  16. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Did most of the euph. players manage the cadenza? That part of Earthquake looks like a good trap?
  17. bubble2500

    bubble2500 New Member

    :bounce :guiness you bet we are!! :guiness:bounce

    4BR didn't bring any newsitem yesterday, so maybe they will post it today?:sup
  18. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - I doubt it! They rely heavily on others bringing them information about contests outside the UK unless they get an invite to attend.
  19. bubble2500

    bubble2500 New Member

    I didn't listen to any of the other bands, but our Euph was subscribed by David Read as "Magical", a great compliment!
  20. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    - heheheh! So the earth moved for David Read? (... couldn't resist!)

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