Dutch National Brass Band Championships

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    Results from the Dutch National Brass Band Championships, that were held in Groningen yesterday. The set piece for the Championship Section was "Ginnungagap ...seeming emptiness" by Belgian Composer Johan Evenepoel.

    1 Brassband Rijnmond Rotterdam (Erik Janssen) 98 points
    2 De Bazuin Oenkerk (Klaas van der Woude) 97 points
    3 Amsterdam Brass (Frank van Koten) 95 points
    4 Provinciale Brassband Groningen (Siemen Hoekstra) 94 points
    5 Brassband Limburg (Frans Violet) 93 points
    6 Brassband De Wâldsang (Rieks van der Velde) 92 points
    7 Brassband Schoonhoven (Alex Schillings) 91 points
    8 Soli Brass Leeuwarden (Piet Visser) 90 points

    In the other sections, the victories went to BB Heman from Zuidwolde (1st section), BB Pro Rege from Heerenveen (2nd section), BB Gloria Dei from Gerkesklooster-Stroobos (3rd section) and BB Immanuel from Eemsmond (4th section)

    full results on http://www.nfcm.nl/nbk/p_uitslagen.htm
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