Durham Youth Brass Festival - 28th June

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    Afternoon folks - I have been passed this by the DCBBA and maybe of interest to any north-east junior or youth bands.


    Durham Brass Youth Festival

    The Durham County Brass Band Association, in conjunction with Durham County Council, are proposing to hold a Festival of Youth Brass Band Music on Saturday, 28th June, in Durham City Centre. The venue proposed is Millennium square, in the heart of Durham holding the Gala Theatre. The Festival will act as a pre-cursor to the Durham Brass Festival, held in Durham throughout July.

    Vaughan Evans, Chairman of the DCBBA, is inviting any North East brass ensemble to register their interest in taking part. The format of the Festival is yet to be confirmed, but it is intended that any youth brass band or brass ensemble (any size) are to be invited to play whatever music they wish as part of the day's programme. The theme of the day will be showcasing the young and vibrant talents of the area's brass musicians in whatever format they wish.

    Already a number of the region's bands have expressed an interest in taking part. If any local bands wish to express their interest in taking part or find out more, they are asked to contact Vaughan on vaughan.judy@ntlworld.com or 01642 656 822. The closing date for expressions of interest is 15th March 2008.
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    Showcasing and encouraging young talent, Great!

    Sounds great and a very public way of showing young people can be fully engaged in brass playing and brass bands.

    Right in the centre of the City excellent idea loads of people around who are not brass band fans and I am sure it will be a wonderful event for both those watching and those taking part.

    Well done CDBBA and also Big Col for promoting it!

    I like the idea of opening it up for Quintets, solo etc as well as brass bands.

    Spread the word!

    Can youth bands from outside the region take part too?


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