Durham Miners Gala

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    This years Miners Gala will be on Saturday 10th July and it is a spectacular event!

    Last year was spectacular with over 100,000 people attending and 36 bands taking part. There are still communities looking for bands to support them in marching with their banners along the streets of this lovely World Heritage City.

    There is a range of different priced accomodation available and non UK bands are wellcome come over and join in. Last year we had american, Mexican and French Bands as well as bands from across the UK.

    What a great showcase and a real part of our history that has to be supported.

    If you don't know it and have not been then why not come up/down for the weekend and see for yourselves.

    The Gala forms the middle weekend of BRASS Durham International Festival which supports the Gala and if you are in Durham for the weekend or longer you can also catch some of the wonderful events of the festival for example London Brass will be playing on the Sunday evening.

    For an idea of who will be at BRASS this year see my earlier post in this forum, it is not a full list as I am still waiting to hear that myself.

    If you are interested the Durham Miners Association are organising the Gala, I don't have a contact for them but you can contact them via Durham County Council's arts officer:


    I am sure as always there will be a need individual players maybe the chance to develop a scratch team.

    These traditional events are important and although not as big as it was in its hay day of over 250,000 people, since the advent of BRASS in 2007 the Gala has started to increase in size again from a low of under 70,000 to last years 100,000 so lets keep that trend going!

    N.B if you are not at BRASS this year I hope you get the chance to see the Mnozil Concert, they sure are worth seeing and great they are back again, enjoy!

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    It's looking good

    I believe the latest is 40+ bands are already booked in and still room for more!

    It's going to be another good year by the looks of it!

    Hope to see you there!