Durham Miners Gala July 12th

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    Just a nod that the Gala is approaching.

    Banners, Bands and Booze and one amazing event!

    If you have never been I suggest you give it a go what a sight and what a sound! As you can tell I love it!

    County Durham Bands will be there in force keeping tradition alive each leading their banner and community through the historic city.

    Whit Weekend in Yorkshire and Gala weekend in Durham major historic events in the brass band world. They are both sort of 'I was there' 'I did that' type of events.

    The Gala is pleased to have a brass band from the USA this year supporting the Bowburn Banner and last year a band from India took part! So where ever you may be from you can still experience this 'the last of the Great Galas'. Over 120 years of history and over 30 brass bands taking part.

    The University has I believe twin rooms for £35 and singles for less so it need not break the bank and I believe Durham NUM 'may' even be able to cover that or some of it to help bands travelling in from a distance.

    Nuf said

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    If you are travelling some way for the Gala then why not check out the events on the Sunday too! Might be worth staying over for

    You may even wish to stay and see the amazing...
    CANADIAN BRASS in concert on the Monday or Tuesday (date to confirm) they are doing an evening concert and a short lunchtime concert earlier in the day too.

    Events on 13 - 07 - 2008

    Zic Zazou
    Date: 13-07-2008
    Time: 11:30:00
    Venue: Locomotion: The National Railway Museum, Shildon
    Price: Free

    A unique and truly spectacular event from renowned French Street Theatre company Zic Zazou, this is a show like no other. Follow the train as it sings with brass.


    Date: 13-07-2008
    Time: 19:30:00
    Venue: Gala Theatre
    Price: £13 (£10 concession)
    Based on the Isle of Skye, the Peatbog Faeries have been described as ‘the future of celtic dance music'. They incorporate many influences including brass which take them from traditional jigs and reels


    It all adds something extra to a visit to the wonderful Miners Gala!
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    What's the word on the Gala this year?

    Are the NUM still looking for bands to march with banners?

    It takes for ever to march onto the field but what a site!

    I was talking to someone who went for the first time last year and you realise that if you have never seen it, 30+ bands with 40+ banners all coming down the hill it must blow you away (excuse pun)

    I hear the Ohio Brass Band will be marching with Bowburn this year and there is also a french band?

    It is a busy two weeks in Durham for local bands, what with Teesdale Contest, Miners Gala, DLI Contest and the BRASS festival's concerts by Brighouse, Canadian Brass etc

    Good to see more families with young kids there last year than ever before.