Durham Miners' Gala for London?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bandstand, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Ken Livingstone gave the keynote speech at last Saturday’s Durham Miners’ Gala and was very impressed with the event. He said that if he won the next London Mayoral election he would bring the Gala procession to London and have the banners and bands marching along Oxford Street. This would make a very impressive sight! There were 46 – 48 bands in the procession.
    I wonder what bands people think to this idea - is it possible to transplant the Miners' Gala?
  2. michellegarbutt

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    wouldn't be the same elsewhere plus it's not just the bands and banners, we had 4 coaches from our village who march with us. you need all those supporters to get the atmosphere
  3. dave jake

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    ****** cockneys can get their own Gala, you can' t av nowt up ere without jealous southerners trying to pinch or ruin it.
    P.S. the beers like watered down camels urine in cockney land.

  4. andreab

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    Who would pay for it?
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    I interviewed Ken after his speech and he was very keen on the idea. Expenses would fall on the Mayor of London's fund . . . . . . . it would appear! I hope to have the interview on our radio show shortly.
    We have some interesting interviews from the Durham Brass festival on the show tonight - see below:
    Interviews with Peter Moore, former Young Musician of the Year
    Steve Goodwin ( organiser of the Doctor Martin Bequest Brass Band Contest at Gala Theatre, Durham Sat 17 July 11am.)
    Johann Johannsson, Icelandic composer (The Miners’ Hymns, Durham Cathedral Thurs 15 July 9.30pm & on Fri 16 July 9.30pm)
    Pee Wee Ellis, founder of Funk
    Shaune Eland (Durham Youth Big Band)
    Rob Jordan (RAF Squadronaires)

    Reviews of concerts at the Brass Festival

    American Patrol – RAF Squadronaires
    Cute – Fishburn Band
    Soul Pride – Pee Wee Ellis & German Radio Orchestra
    Norwegian Wood – London Brass
    Don’t sit under the apple tree – RAF Squadronaires
    Fanfare for St Edmundsbury – London Brass
    Freikugeln – Brass Band Aid Celebrity Band

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