Durham Miner's Gala 2011 ....Who's Going?

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by Drummer_cornetgirl91, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Drummer_cornetgirl91

    Drummer_cornetgirl91 Member

    Co. Durham
    Well, its getting to that time of year again and I was wondering who will be making an appearance at Durham Miners Gala on the 9th July ?
  2. whitewitch

    whitewitch Member

    Uppermill Band will be there :clap:
  3. DobX_Trom

    DobX_Trom New Member

    Dobcross Silver will be and we are playing in the Cathedral again :biggrin:
  4. michellegarbutt

    michellegarbutt Supporting Member

    well you know we are there (Murton).

    Must admit I think it's time they looked again at how bands are selected to play in the cathedral. I am the first to admit without the bands coming in from outside the area it wouldn't be such a good day. However I play for a Durham band, I've never missed a gala for over 20 years but I have never even had the chance of having the honour of playing in the cathedral. It does seem a bit unfair that others who are fairly new to the gala get that honour. Perhaps it's time to introduce a draw so the names of all those who would like to play get put in a hat and drawn out. That at least would give us all a chance
  5. blue juice

    blue juice Member

    Harrogate Band are there again. Can't wait!!
  6. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    I'll be there with the 50 or so band members from TBDBITL Alumni Band representing Bowburn. Should be a great trip!
  7. refman8

    refman8 Member

    As I understand the manner in which Bands are selected to play in the Cathedral is purely by the fact that the Banner Group they are leading is to go into the Cathedral to have a new Banner blessed. Most Bands if they stay with the same Banner Group will only have the honour of playing in the Cathedral once in a lifetime or the lifetime of a Banner.
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  8. refman8

    refman8 Member

    oops dont know what has happened there any ideas?!
  9. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Hadleigh, Essex
    It was surrounded by an odd bit of code - sorted now ;)
  10. Kath2

    Kath2 Member

    Marsden will be there again leading the New Herrington Banner.
  11. stotty74

    stotty74 Member

    Greenalls Band will be there...not really sure what is happening...our first time and it seems none of our band have done it before either...

    Any hints about what happens etc?
  12. refman8

    refman8 Member

    Thank you
  13. jim_bling_euph

    jim_bling_euph Member

    I'm surprised by that. This is the bands 4th time in the cathedral and my 3rd in 5 years with Dobcross. I'm only 19 so i probably take the experience for granted but 1 was enough for me. It's not my cup of tea. Having said that, slow marching in to silver hill is one of best experiences of my life so far. Hope you get your chance soon.


    The mighty westoe band will there lets hope we get through to the sands quicker than last year
  15. Lucky Beaver

    Lucky Beaver Member

    North Yorkshire
    Knottingley Silver Band hope to be there. We have been asked to put a band together at very short notice as one of the villages has been let down by the band they booked.

    We would love to be able to help but need bass players, a baritone/euphonium and trombone. Any other players fancying a blow would be more than welcome though!

    If anyone can help us put a team together, please PM me or ring the MD on 07801 562156.

    Thanks in anticipation!!
  16. winterman

    winterman Member

    West Yorkshire
    Drighlington are there again leading the Greenside banner! Really looking forward to it!! :D

    If anyone fancies Bass Drum for the day it would be appreciated! PM me..

    Please do seriously consider helping Knottingley out too (or any of the other bands), they have been invited on just a weeks notice! Anyone who is involved in organising a band for this event knows just how much hard work it is to co-ordinate with a years notice!

    Maybe we could come up with a Durham Players trading post, where bands that have a surplus of a particular player can swap them for the day with any other band?! That way every Lodge and every band puts on the best show possible rather than one with a band of 10, another with 50+ and some Lodges even with out a band (which seems to be getting bigger every year sadly)!
  17. Lucky Beaver

    Lucky Beaver Member

    North Yorkshire
    Thanks Mic, very much appreciated :tup We are very close to having enough to make it a goer but just not quite there yet and running out of time.

    I like the idea of 'player swapsies' :clap:
  18. Danny_L

    Danny_L Member

    Haydock, St.Helens
    I believe I'm playing for you in place of my li'l sis? Didn't know what it was all about myself so I wiki'd it...(also, apparently you have to say it like gay-la not ga-la...just so you know...)

  19. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne and Wear
    A typical Big Meeting day unveils thus:

    1) Get up early at obscene o'clock

    2) Travel to non-descript former pit village in Co.Durham somewhere

    3) March the banner around the village at slightly-less-obscene-but-still-far-too-early o'clock

    4) Play Gresford

    5) Go to classy Working Men's Club in said pit village

    6) Have a pint - Tetley's Imperial or a Fed Brewery beer are popular (usually the only) choices

    7) By now it will be about 9am - breakfast may be provided.

    8) Get on bus and head to Durham

    9) Arrive in Durham - if you are particularly lucky the banner groups may have provided band members with beer tokens on the bus.

    10) Form up

    11) Now, depending on what time it is the day can unfold from here in two possible ways;

    Option A - Band marches off followed by banner, gets straight through the city to the County Hotel in about 15 minutes

    Option B - Band marches off followed by banner, manages 50m and then gets stuck in a massive queue and proceeds to take 2 hours to get to the County Hotel. (This option is not necessarily as bad as it sounds as there are pubs en-route....)

    12) Band stops at the County and plays a piece (quite often a novelty number) to the people on the balcony. These people are usually union leaders and politicians. Although controversially not Ed Milliband who isn't going despite promising he would, because he is scared of Bob Crowe.

    13) Band marches off again to the Old Racecourse

    14) Band reaches entrance to Old Racecourse and discovers band is a about a third wider than the path down the hill and that half of the population of County Durham is coming the other way. Cue much stumbling/teeth being smashed in by mouthpieces/injuries to members of the public

    15) Band marches across Racecourse to the edge of the field. The banner is tied to the fence and instruments piled on the ground.

    16) The miners stay on the field to listen to the speeches, the bands disappear to the pubs. Recommended spots are "The Prison Officers Club" - (open only to banders, just look for the prison (its the one with high walls) and walk around it until you find the bar, or are arrested for looking suspicious), Court Inn (Also near the prison, a good alternative for those who get lost looking for The Prison Officers Club - be warned, the ales are overpriced but they do sell Peroni at £1.50 a bottle!) The Dun Cow (its the one you marched past between the County and the Racecourse with all the heckling bandsmen outside of it, generally in the middle of the road - a massive advantage is that the bogs are in an outbuilding so you don't need to battle your way into the pub to use them), The Vic (one of the best pubs in Durham IMHO) and the Swan and 3 (On the bridge near the County, cheap but dead busy)

    17. Drink. Lots.

    18. About 2 O'Clock band start to drift back to the field. Those heading to the Cathedral march (stagger?) off first, dodging the picnics on the field

    19. Everyone else: march/stagger back to where you got off the bus

    20. Go home or have a few more beers in Durham

    Obviously not every band's day will follow this routine but it is pretty typical.
  20. dave jake

    dave jake Member

    Whitley Bay NE UK
    Thanks Colin ! So thats why I'm so knackered the next day. Theres always been this void in my memory.
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