Durham League Grading Contest

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    Any results from A & B sections?
  2. Section A ( 3 bands competed):
    Felling 192 points
    G.T. Peterlee 190 ponts
    Broughton's Brass 188 points

    Section B (5 bands)
    North Skelton 187 pts
    Cockerton 186 pts
    Houghton Brass 184 pts
  3. michellegarbutt

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    does anyone have the lower section results as well
  4. logic

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    Section C (3 bands competed):

    Dunston Silver 183 pts
    Marske Silver 181 pts
    Ferryhill Town 180 pts

    The Grainger Trophy to the best Euphonium Player went to Dunston (me)
    The Gordon Kitto M.B.E. Memorial Cup to the best Solo Cornet Player went to Marske
    The Gateshead Brass Trophy to the best Trombone Section went to Marske

    Section D (4 bands Competed):

    Backworth Colliery 179 pts
    Trimdon Colliery 178 pts
    Lanchester 177 pts

    The C W Miller Memorial Trophy to he best Principal Cornet went to Trimdon
    The Alan Hutchinson Memorial Trophy for the best Bass Section in section C or D went to Backworth
  5. Bass Man

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    Felling were also awarded:

    1. Best Soprano Cornet
    2. Best Trombone
    3. Best Percussion Section
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    Woo hoo!

    It was a good day's banding all in all, great fun. Well done to all those who took part.
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    Congratualtion to all the competing bands, I must say I had a splendid day!
    I must bring some pointers and observations about the contest
    I've been attending this particular contest for several years and In 2003 there were 10 bands in section A, In 2004 there were 7 bands in section A ,2005 5 Bands ,2006 6 bands , 2007 5 Bands and this year 3 bands
    I do realise that bands are in a decline but if this contest is to live the bands must compete and support the DCBBA.
    I heard several members saying that the contest was rubbish, but its no good blaming the organisers its the bands for not turning up!!
    Also the award for Best Trombone was actually given to a section not an individual, this seems rather 'strange' when the recipients have been individuals over the years, and they cant say there wasnt one because I heard a tremendous Bass Trombone player who had a monumental sound for the band who played second( I believe they were drawn third)
    He was a very worthy recipient the best on the day I thought!!
    So all I can say is to the bands who were there get those other bands out of hibernation and lets see if we can get the DCBBA Contest back on track
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    I fully appreciate the time and effort the Committee put into arranging such events and thank them for their efforts. In fact, it was clear to see that they worked tirelessly to make the event run as smooth as possible but could probably do with a few more volunteers to provide help and support on the day.

    I do however feel that the venue is one of the major factors in the events unfortunate dwindling entries. The venue is freezing cold, lacks atmosphere, has no staging, no PA system, has poor bar and refreshment facilities and is really not the best venue for a musical performance.

    Why not consider using some of the fantastic Community Centres/Venues that we have in the District e.g. the Glebe Centre at Murton, the Vane Tempest at Seaham, to name a few???
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    Well done to all those who competed and also to those who took home prizes...

    In response to the post about lack of attendance Westoe didn't enter Section A this year as we had our annual charity concert the week before and preferred to do a good job of it as opposed to trying to do both the league and the concert and doing neither the justice each deserves. We may be back next year. If we haven't been relegated (again!) that is...

    Saying that though, I doubt many potential entries find the idea of the league too appealing given the venue and its facilities (or lack thereof!)
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  10. bigcol

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    The DCBBA recieves a very sizeable contribution towards the costs of staging the event in Peterlee from Easington Borough Council as it falls in as part of their music month. The catch is that it has to be in the Easington Borough which doesn't have hundreds of suitable venues.

    However I agree with a lot said in this post and the previous post; however as with a lot of brass band organisations it is left to a few to organise these events, committee meetings are made with very few bands attending and comments and suggestions only come after the event, not at the time when they are being organised. A quick email to the DCBBA (http://dcbba.org.uk/) would help to get the ball rolling with constructive suggestions.
  11. Trumpettrousers

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  12. geordiecolin

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    Presumably then when we all go to unitary in April, if funding continues there'll be the pick of any venue in County Durham?
  13. bigcol

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    Pass. One for the next committee meeting I think.
  14. michellegarbutt

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    Unfortunately Murton had to pull out. We lost a couple of key players at very short notice before the contest. Then our principle cornet player managed to break her arm. We certainly hope to be back again next year supporting the event.

    If a change of venue is needed and it has to be in Easington I can certainly vouch for the Glebe Centre. Murton do have our bandroom there and we regularly use the hall and stage for concerts. I would certainly agree that all the facilites needed are available there.

    The only snag is because it's Music Festival month the glebe gets booked up quite early.
  15. michellegarbutt

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    You should be fine Colin. If I've worked the points out correctly Broughtons, Greggs, Harrogate and Ashington are all below you in the table
  16. Brassb3ll3nd

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    A big thank you and well done to every one involved with North Skelton Band. Our first contest for 2 years, new Band name (we we formerly Langbaurgh Brass) and a win in section B, we couldn't have asked for anything better to get us back on the right track.:clap:

    I must thank all our new members for their commitment especially Adam Reed who performed in his first contest and also collected the prizes. Also to our conductor Tim Oldroyd for injecting new life into us old codgers and Derek Warley for holding it all together through some tough times.

    Can't wait for the areas now!!!
  17. Benyboy

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    Also the award for Best Trombone was actually given to a section not an individual, this seems rather 'strange' when the recipients have been individuals over the years, and they cant say there wasnt one because I heard a tremendous Bass Trombone player who had a monumental sound for the band who played second( I believe they were drawn third)
    He was a very worthy recipient the best on the day I thought!!

    Although everyone is entitled to their opinion i have to pick you up on this one. I suspect Colin Hardy gave the prize to the best trombone section as there were no clear solo's in the piece. I have won the same prize on several occasions in the past 22 years and quite often the judge has said the prize was for the section as a whole. As it happens i guested for Felling on Sunday and the section deserved the prize as did the band.

    The player you refer to did sound like a soloist at times. Unfortunately at the wrong times as he was far to loud. I am not talking out of turn as the Conductor of the band is a good mate of mine and we discussed this in the pub last night.

    Still. Each to their own.
  18. drums4monty

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    I would also like to congratulate the winners and everyone that took part in the contest. My band do not enter now as it is run at a bad time of the year for us, a very busy period. I may be wrong but was there not more entries when it was at the start of the year and since the date change the numbers have gone down. I actually turned up last year to watch and said that I was pleased we did'nt enter for the reasons already expressed. This also applies to the solo contest that seems to have an ever changing date and a piano that rattles (I thought someone had left the snare off a snare drum). We had a possible 5 entries this year and planned our engagements around the contest. Then the date was changed and we could only enter one, who as it happens won.

    The views expressed here are my own and not that of the band.
  19. growe

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    Yes Benyboy we do have an opinion and that was mine!
    But your statement seems invalid.
    When I was at Spennymoor perhaps the last year the DCBBA the recipient was a trombone player, I think he was from the Greggs band if my old memory serves me right and he won the award for Best Trombone in Diversions On A Bass Theme, does this have a solo in it????
    Also last year when I was at Peterlee I listen to some great performances of Connatations and the recipient of the prize was a young gentleman from the Felling Band who I do belive was a bass trombone player, is there a solo in Conatations for trombone
    I'm not forcing the point but like you said I have my opnion..
    Each to THEIR own!!
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    DCBBA 2008 Grading Contest.

    As the bass trombonist in question on Sunday, I feel the section prize is appropriate; individuals do not win contests, bands or sections do. I personally thought the section played pretty damn well.

    As for overblowing, maybe at times. Boomy hall, actually I was about 30% under most of my dynamics in the bandroom, as the hall wouldn't support that sort of volume.

    As for any intended dynamic contrast or "added" effects, well that is between myself and my conductor who had enough faith to ask for those "added" effects.


    Bass trombone

    Marske Silver.