Durham DCBBA Grading Contest

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  1. bigcol

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    DCBBA Grading Contest 2008
    The grading contest is to be held on Sunday 23rd November 2008 at Peterlee Leisure Centre.

    The pieces as voted on by the DCBBA members were are follows:

    Section A
    Spectrum Gilbert Vinter
    Section B
    Rhapsody in Brass Dean Goffin
    Section C
    Sinfonnietta Joseph Horovitz
    Section D
    St Andrews Variations Alan Fernie

    Full details at www.dcbba.org.uk
  2. waynefiler

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    not a bad choice throughout the sections, should be a good day
    might have to find a band!
  3. Yeah a good choice for all the sections. Rhapsody in Brass in one of my favourite pieces for band. Shame we're not in that section!!
  4. dak

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  5. bigcol

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    Cheer David, I'll add a link to the DCBBA site.

    Hope things are going well.

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