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  1. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    If you saw and liked Mnozil in RAH I have some great news for you .

    They have been booked to play at the new BRASS festival in Durham this summer and so have the Brazz Brothers!

    The festival will be launched on 7th Feb so no more details at the moment, however the organisers have set up a mailing list that you can get on by emailing rob.guest@durham.gov.uk and marking your email 'add me to the BRASS! mailing list'


    Who has seen the Brass Brothers? Ray Farr was saying how good they are but I have never seen them! What do you think Mnozil or Brazz Brothers? Who will you go and see?
  2. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    The Brazz Brothers are brilliant , I have a recording they did with Folk singer Katherine Tickell done at the sage a few years ago , they are from Norway follow the link to their website www.brazzbrothers.com worth checking out , a lot of the music is arranged written by Jan Magne Forde ( mardi gras in new orleans , Kesaule etc )
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  3. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Sure are, BRASS seems to be getting an interesting line up!

    Anybody have any other ideas who they should book next, I reckon the Young Bloods and Acid Brass but I have limited knowledge.

    So far it seems they have Brazz Brother, Mnozil, Dennis Rollings, Bellowhead and a few others but I cant find out who. all ready an interesting mix!

  4. nickjones

    nickjones Active Member

    Fanfare Ciocarlia - romanian style brass group , got a cd a few months ago ( gili garabdi), mad versions of "OO7" , Caravan ( Ellington ) and a few others , brilliant ( I think the band were used in the MTV brass band advert too)
  5. Alan Fernie

    Alan Fernie Member

    Some really interesting groups here - I'm a huge fan of the Brazz Brothers. They've become big influences in my writing (I steal lots of their ideas!!). I haven't seen Mnozil, but their madcap contribution to the BBA cd makes them an intruiging prospect! The Romanian group don't worry too much about balance and tuning - that's for wimps. It's solely how fast you can go, and believe me, they can play fast - you have to keep looking if your cd player is going at the correct speed!! (Should be popular with brass banders, then!!!) I'll try to get to some of these - excellent.
  6. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    The line up to date will be announced Wednesday when tickets for Mnozil and Brazz Brothers go on sale. I believe they already have a waiting list of people wanting to be first in!

    They are also still looking to book more acts and for sponsors to help them put on even more events!

    I am excited to think that I can have two whole weeks of brass, brass and more brass and go to the Miners Gala!

    I have suggested to the team is involved in running it that Mnozil or Brazz Brothers could do some workshops!

    Would you be interested if they did? I know I'm up for it!

    I am not sure if they have booked Bellowhead I know that they are looking at them, I am not so sure about that one its not my thing, but it takes all sorts!

    Your idea of Romanian/Eastern European bands sound like a good idea maybe we can get some exchanges going between countries (even Scotland) only joking Alan, we will of course love to have you here, you sound like you know your stuff!

  7. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Infact Alan thinking about it, you could do your stuff at the Festival? Maybe even pen something special for it I think that would be great I am sure there could be opportunities to have it performed over the two weeks!

    As I said there will always be a warm welcome in Durham for yourself and anyone else that wants to join in the fun. It is going to be a hoot!

    If you think the workshop idea is a good one I believe your input would be a valuable addition to the day.

    The people to contact at Durham would be Durham County's music officer: rob.guest@durham.gov.uk

    I have just discoverd the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on Myspace and who of our own 'Big Name' British bands do people think should headline? At the moment I can't find out if anyone is booked in!

  8. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Hey have you seen they have launched the Festival and it is all systems go! Wey Hey Lets get ready to have a great time, Brass, Brass and you guest it...................................................................... more Brass!

    Maybe it would be worth thinking about how you travel to it and if you can car pool, share coaches or joint book hotels. I think this is going to be great and a great excuse to get to the Miners Gala. Why not come as a band and perform? they are having an open stage! or contact the CDBrass Band Association and see if they can fix you up with a partner band to twin with.

    Me, well I am lucky I live near by and have been at the Gala loads of times but if you have not then get on down to it and maybe spend some time before hand at the other events and dicovering Durham, Newcastle and the rest of the North East.

    The first event is at the Bowes Museum and if you have not seen it be ready to be stuned! check it out on the Web. after that it is around Durham with its castle and Cathedral so you can take the family even if they don't (a sin) like brass music.

    A rather excited Nick
  9. brassyboy

    brassyboy Member

    I'm going to have a great night! & who is Boban Markovic?

    I have just got my tickets and was told by the staff that they were surprised that tickets are moving well already, I hope you get yours but I am looking foreword to a great night!


    Who is Boban Markovic? I have never heard of him! but then again I have no idea who the Brazz Brothers are either!

    But I am sure it is going to be a cracking good festival!

    Don't you just love it when we have so much brassy stuff going on!

    See you there and who is Boban? Has anyone seen him live?

    Brassy boy
  10. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Any news on a confirmed line up then?
  11. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    I don't know for sure but I am on the mailing list:

    email rob.guest@durham.gov.uk and in subject box put enter me on BRASS mailing list. You will then be on it too>

    Also keeping an eye on my blog


    I have however had word theat the Dirty Dozen will be performing on the 13th the night before the Gala after Boban M but at a different venue also that jack Brass may be booked but need confirmation and awaiting that from Neil who heads up the Festival.

    I hear they are looking for volunteers to help with it so if you are keen...


  12. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    If you have not seen it catch the Mnozil vid clip on

    the BRASS! Myspace site has just put up a Mnozil clip for those that have not seen it!


    Check it out they are quite an act!

    clips will change and

    More clips will be added
  13. youngblood

    youngblood Member

    Hey things move on and connfirmed line up will be anounced soon but they have just confirmed Jack Brass Band to run a number of workshops with local kids and do a performance!

    I also believe that The YBS Band conducted by Ray Farr will also now be doing a performance!

    Dirty Dozen are still in talks re 13th July so if all goes well what a stonking night before the Gala Boban Markovic and the Dirty Dozen.

    Also confirmed I believe are Jaipur Kawa Brass Band,

    In addition I also understand that the County Councils's Arts Development team are also giving every band in the County £500 to help them and asking that they perform within the Festival and they would be fools not to. This if I am right at 27/8 bands in County Durham works out quite a bit! so I hope they take up the challenge. I would like to see a range of outdoor concerts at say Raby Castle, Archers Ice Cream Farm, Lumley Castle, Killhope Museum, Seaham Hall, Crook Hall, Railway stations, Bowes Museum, Locomotion and get our bands supporting the tourist income to show their economic value to the powers that be! It will help get more funding, bookings of that I am sure!

    All in all Brass kis looking good but it needs help it is after all only year one and it is a big job raising the profile of brass and making it cool with the general public and a youth market.

    Help them if you can if you want to volunteer please give them a call. I do my bit by passing on the word, maybe you could do the same!

    Anyway watch out for more on www.brassfestival.co.uk and on the myspace site see previous posts.

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