Duncan Winfield Crown Inn , Llay Tuesday 31st October

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  1. nickjones

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    Crown Inn , Llay
    North Wales
    Duncan Winfield is well known to Jazz lovers as the lead Trombone with the Wigan Jazz Club big band , a former member of the Andy Prior Big Band and former British Open trombone champion ( 1987) , people will also know Duncan through his work as concert Manager at the University of Salford
    Duncan is in concert with the NWJQ at the Crown Inn Llay on Tuesday 31st October 8.30 Pm
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  2. Heather

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    Just to let you all know...this concert is on TUESDAY 31st OCTOBER, not the 24th.

    There has just been mass panic in our house as Duncans wife is here and has rung Duncan to check the date.
    Cheers for the advert though.
  3. nickjones

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    Listing was taken from Daily Post , any one in Llay on the 31st should go and check Duncan and the NWJQ out....well worth it :)
    Don't know why but I can't edit the 1st post and date...
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    I've corrected the date for you Nick. There is a time limit to which you can edit your own posts - I can't remeber what the exact limit is, but I don't think it'll let you make edits after 3 days. :)

    Oh, and have you added this to our events diary?
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    Seems to be less than 3 hours at the moment - I tried to edit a post I did this morning and there's no Edit option at all - Mods any thoughts?

    Although I've just edited this one but the one I can't is also in the Auditorium

    and I can't edit one I've just put in the rehearsal room too.
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    Yup thats right - as far as I know its not forum specific, but set to a time limit of - I think - 10 minutes. Although I'm sure John will confirm this (hint hint!! ;) ). After this time you will not be able to make any edits to your posts.

    Oh and I forgot to change the thread title before, which I have now done, hopefully that should have the right date on it now.

    EDIT: Anyway the original topic is rapidly disappearing over the horizon....maybe this conversation would be better continued in the "how to..." section ;)
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