Dudley Bright at Northern Highlights 2005

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    Preliminary Announcement - Northern Highlights 2005

    Saturday 25th June 2005 - St Georges Church, Central Leeds

    This is an advance announcement for the 3rd annual Northern Highlights concert, in aid of the Clarence Adoo Trust. Following the success of the previous two events featuring the YBS Band and Hendon SA Band, NH will this year have the following guests:

    Dudley Bright - Principal Trombone, London Symphony Orchestra
    As one of the World's finest brass instrumentalists, Dudley is a member of the LSO and their 'all star' brass ensemble, playing alongside Maurice Murphy, Rod Franks etc.

    Jude Godetrich - Recording Vocalist, Musical Director for the Georgia Division, USA
    Jude makes a long overdue return visit to the UK as one of our guests this year. Known for her powerful voice and stage presence, Jude is one of the SA's permier vocalists.

    Festival Brass - a 14 piece group of young SA musicians under the leadership of Julian Bright. The group has travelled extensively in the UK and a few years ago, participated in the Great North American Brass Festival in the USA.

    Castleford SA Songsters/Choir -This group is the organisers and 'resident' performers at the Northern Highlights concerts. Under the leadership of Derek Ward, the songsters are fast gaining a reputation as one of the SA's finest vocal groups.

    If you require any further information - please contact northernhighlights@hotmail.com
  2. barry toan

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    So, does this mean she has BIG hair!?.... ;)
  3. johnflugel

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    I ofcourse meant 'premier' but it is interesting to note that Jude does have a full heafd of curly blond hair!
  4. Brian Bowen

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    And her name is correctly spelled Gotrich.
  5. brasscrest

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    And she's the Territorial Gospel Arts Director for the USA Southern Territory.
  6. johnflugel

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    Anything else?!
  7. Brian Bowen

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    Well....yes! It looks a most enterprising concert and I hope it succeeds in raising a generous amount for a worthy cause.
  8. Parp

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    LOL! That's one of the best typos and responses to a typo I've seen!

    Looks like an excellent concert though - shame it's a little too far for me to travel, but all the best with it.
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    The last few years concerts have raised £2000-3000+ for Clarence and have been great occasions. YBS were awesome last year under Garry Cutt and we very accomadating in putting together the programme. The year before Hendon Band (Stephen Cobb) came with both David Dawes and Matt Cobb featuring as soloists: they also did their big band set too.

    NH is becoming an established event and hopefully it will continue to be so. It raises money for a worthy cause. This years event will be worth travelling to and maybe you might want to make a weekend of it.

    I believe our friends at World of Brass may be making an appearance too.....
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    Can I use the details here for coming events on Clarence's official website (www.clarence.org.uk)? Have they changed in any way?

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    Yes, although the venue for the event will now be the Castleford SA Hall on Booth Street, Castleford. This 'new' hall holds 350 people and be better suited to the guests there on the night and the sound/visual requirements.

    Tickets are £7 for Adults - £5 for concessions
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    LSO Principal Trombone in West Yorks Sat 25/6

    Just a reminder about the 2005 Northern Highlights Festival, taking place ay Castleford SA Hall this coming Saturday 25th June @ 7.30pm

    The event is in aid of the Clarence Adoo Trust (www.clarence.org.uk) and will feature:

    Dudley Bright (Principal Trombone LSO) - playing The Challenge (Ball), Share my Yoke, Walk with me, Thoughts of Love etc

    Festival Brass - Led by Julian Bright this 14 piece brass group featuring some of the finest young SA musicians.

    Darren Bartlett - Singer and song writer. Member of the International Staff Songsters and leader of the Boscombe SA Songsters/Choir

    Supported by the Castleford Songsters/Choir

    For ticket information: please contact me via TMP or email northernhighlights@hotmail.com

  13. WorldofBrass.com

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    We're sending our resident Yorkshireman to run this particular trade stand!