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  1. yank67

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    Does anyone know of any brass bands in Dubai?
  2. Will the Sec

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    Have you looked on IBEW? If there isn't one listed, then probably not.
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  5. MoominDave

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    You could cut that down a lot by catching a ferry across the Red Sea...
  6. tsawyer

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    Hang on, Google driving distances thingy has made the earth a bit bigger, it's 11,000 miles and 10 days driving now. Bratislava is quicker to get to by car...

    Super Star Brass Band 2295.3 miles, 11,063 miles driving = 10 days 15 hours
    Brass Sounds Kaunas 2593.7 miles, 4,011 miles driving = 3 days 8 hours
    Brass Band Bratislava 2599.6 miles, 3,451 miles driving = 2 days 18 hours

  7. cat woman

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    Ask Kapitol and they will say it is equal driving distance from Scotland to Lands End!
  8. MoominDave

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    Probably the best thing to do would be to drop Darrol Barry a line; as I recall he is not far away from Dubai, in Oman.
  9. mute-ation

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    I want to play in Dubai too, will be there by the end of June... I know of one more player so that makes 3 ... 25 more to find then.
    Would be happy to help set one up although not on my own there must be enough Brits abroad who can/used to play!

  10. manx_yessir

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    Did you manage to find a band? Me (cornet/horn) and my wife (horn/bari/euph) or about an hour outside Dubai, in Al Ain - right on the Oman border.
  11. flashbarry

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    We are in Oman, give us a shout if you are down in Muscat. We have a great brass ensemble.