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  1. Its amazing how little kit you can get away with in some circumstances. In a previous life I used to play jazz piano, and came across a drummer called Caroline Bowden from Dronfield. She had a tiny kit, snare, bass drum, hit hats and two cymbals. She could make it sound like a massive outfit, I had to keep looking round, trying to work out how she made such amazing sounds from such a minimalist kit.
  2. Will the Sec

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    The late, great Norrie Grundy regularly accompanied the Fulham Brass Ramblers with only a snare drum, a hi hat and a tambourine ("For special pieces like 'Tea for Two', Will"). Oh, and some sticks. If anyone ever felt anything was 'missing', I'd be amazed.
  3. matthetimp

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    I would tend to take my full kit to concerts 12, 13, 14 rack toms, 16, 18 floor toms and my 14 x 8.5 snare, 15 hi-hats, 22 crash ride and 2 18 crashes. BTW did i mentioned I play with 3S Varter sticks?
  4. animal.22

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    Are they lighter or heavier than Vick Firth 5AN ?
  5. simonium

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    And are they anything like Vater sticks?! ;) they're tree trunks essentially, beloved of metal drummers determined to use heavier sticks than anyone else.
  6. matthetimp

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    They are most probably the biggest and heaviest drum stick you can get if I'm honest......but I like them and its my own sound....not a brass band drummer sound by any means......which has been commented on before.....
  7. animal.22

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    A guess al not bother wi them then coz av bin told am too evy anded anyroad ;) :hammer
  8. matthetimp

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    I would say a fat 'clicky' kick drum would be best, a deep kick can be muffled.

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